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  • Keyaira Boone

Nicole Roberts Jones' Joy is Helping You Find Your Fierce

As someone who carved out a successful career in entertainment production before she even reached her mid twenties Nicole Roberts Jones understands the need to be fierce. The experienced entertainment professional worked her way to positions at “Martin” and BET by figuring out what she was proficient at, what problems she was equipped to solve, and what she profited from. There was just one problem entertainment wasn’t the only thing she was passionate about. At just twenty-three years old she had developed a formula for turning one’s strengths into a legitimate career and now she was determined to share that information with others who might be struggling to secure the careers they dreamed of.

That fire fueled her studies at the University of Southern California where she obtained a Master’s in Social work in 1999. Her dedication led to her being one of only four women to receive the Best of You Award from Glamour Magazine in 2007 implementing her program in an empathetic and effective manner. After spending so much time coaching talent as a casting associate she was perfectly equipped to start coaching professionals, who in this shaky economic climate are seeking every method they can to turn their skills into financial stability. Many are enthusiastic about having access to resources but have no set plan for how to implement their strategies.

To date she has worked with organizations like General Motors, McDonald's, and Motivating the Masses on using her program to help professionals reconcile their purpose with their performance. She also contributed to Steve Harvey's Act Like a Success Institutue.

Looking to escape “the sunken place” of your #dayjobchronicles? Or just thinking of making a career switch? Snag yourself a spot on her Find Your Fierce Tour!

Everyone knows a failure to plan is a plan for failure so if you can’t make the tour pick up a copy of her latest book and start working on finding your fierce today!

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