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  • Keyaira Boone

Essex County College Welcomes 'Mom who Hustle'

Moms have long been the heart of Brick City. For generations mothers have committed themselves to contributing to Newark’s future by caring for its children. But millennial mothers are proving themselves to not only be an indispensable social resource but a vital economic one as well. Now Mayor Ras Baraka, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and the Walker’s Legacy Foundation are working together to honor that contribution with the launch of the “Moms Who Hustle” program.

Hosted at Essex County College the “Moms Who Hustle” program will provide mothers with the resources they need to learn to open their own sustainable businesses over a period of twelve weeks. The program intends to give these mothers the “tools necessary to achieve economic stability” creating a positive impact on not only their families but the community at large.

Desiree Hadley of Newark's Urban Girl Magazine enrolled in the program to learn how to expand her business into a full-time enterprise. She says she had "a great experience." "The energy in the room was amazing." said Hadley "The women were so positive and encouraging to one another." She shared that she is "grateful to the Walker Legacy (Foundation) and to Newark ECDC for bringing this to Newark. We see so many uplifting programs for men in Newark and too often the young women and moms are left out of that equation. I'm so happy the moms weren't left out."

The Walker’s Legacy Foundation, which seeks to continue the heartwarming philanthropic legacy of Madam C. J. Walker, is also bringing the “Moms Who Hustle” program to the cities of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Detroit. They chose to include Newark because of “the City’s commitment to promoting economic stability and supporting existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly entrepreneurial women and people of color” which occurs in large part to the efforts of its Mayor, who recently reaffirmed his commitment to the safety of women and children.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, which is spearheaded by President and CEO Aisha Glover, held 2017 Franchise and Entrepreneurship Symposium to encourage business ownership by Newark Residents. The heavily discussed accelerated rate at which black women are starting business doesn’t mark a trend but a transition. The lady from your church who used to sell dinners down the block is now trying to become a caterer and the woman next door in 4F who used to do $8 doobies is now saving for her own hair salon.

Mothers are often tapped to be “the central economic power in their families” but while they always find a way to keep the rent paid and the lights on they often do so without the benefit of “the resources, knowledge, and confidence” needed to take their hustle to the next level. Hopefully “Moms Who Hustle” will mark the start of that permanently.

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