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Keyaira’s Sanity Saving Quarantine Podcast Playlist

Listen, I know I said I was going to be consistent with The C Letter in 2020 but my bills are loud and my fingers are tired, so here I am four months later ready to dive back into my passion project from a prime seat at Club Quarantine.

I have been doing everything I can to distract myself from the realities of COVID-19 and that includes binging some of my favorite audio content. Here’s a list of everything helping my ears cope through social distancing.

Black Men Can’t Jump

This film review podcast examines films as they relate to the cause of getting more Black leads in Hollywood. Their selections range from the most buzzed about bio-pics to hood classics.

Success Is Learned Behavior

Brick City native Evan The Show turns a morning motivational slogan into a full-on fountain of wisdom in this new show.

No Ops Podcast

This podcast has expanded my world view in a huge way and I think it’s something every New Jerseyan should have in the rotation. It not only focuses on resolving issues between community stakeholders it introduces the perspectives of people from Union to those from Irvington. You might think you understand the mindset of somebody a few 94 stops away but you might be surprised.

The New York Times Popcast

Music nerds will fall in love with this show! It breaks down scenes, connections, and styles like you’ve never heard before. Missing your coffeeshop buddies? They also have a rabid Facebook group where you talk about everything and everything music with some of your new favorite people.

Scam Goddess

Podcasts are infamous for using crossover tactics. I heard Laci Mosley on Black Men Can’t Jump and fell in love with her fire! Learn all about scam, cons, robbery, and fraud on her show. It might help you stop investing in that irritating pyramid scheme you keep pushing and remember to call your grandparents before they risk it all on a ten second robocall.


One of my favorite fashion journalists recounts her experiences as a stylish Black girl in the big city.

What Do You Do Again?

Ever caught yourself staring at your girl crush on the ‘gram wonder “yo what does she actually DO?” Host Naomi Elizee has the answers.

The Stop At Central and Halsey

Two-thirds of the Three Peas in a Pod podcast are back with a much more mature perspective on the blooming of lifelong friendships, full court presses, and of course Greys Anatomy.

Leave Your Mark Podcast

One of my favorite books comes to life in this parade of seasoned professionals. Get advice on everything from salary negotiation to work life balance here from people who have successfully fought their way to the top of others vision boards.

Way Down In The Hole

My love of TV recap podcasts could be a whole other list but after a one sided love affair with Gilmore Guys I’m grateful to hear from people who share my point of view break down each episode of The Wire.

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