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  • Keyaira Boone

Jersey Girl Karen Civil is Joined by Women on the Move

Elizabeth’s Karen Civil has been a mainstay of the digital media scene for years. The self proclaimed “cultural artige’” has used her skills as a “digital renaissance woman” to change the face of digital marketing. But she hasn’t done it alone. Civil has been joined by writers, editors, and media personalities who are dedicated to breaking boundaries. Last night she shared their company on stage at a panel event held at New York University’s Kimmel Center.

Her fellow panelists included author, brand ambassador and Fashion Bomb Daily founder Claire Sulmers, Grammy nominated Rapper and Love and Hip-hop star Remy Ma, and writer, co-host of Uncommon Sense and one half of the sensational podcasting duo“The Read” Crissle West.

The panelists discussed the challenges associated with their careers and doled out advice to the young women and men in attendance eager to get their careers started. Civil shared that she had been flat ignored by an engineer at a studio who told the executive “I thought you was somebody’s shorty.”

Consistency was the theme of the evening. Each of the panelists described the processes behind their tremendous success. “There weren’t a lot of black podcasts out” said West “we were really fortunate to get ahead of the curve and get maybe some additional attention... but we wouldn’t have the audience that we have today, we wouldn’t be able to tour, do all types of stuff and get invited to shit like this if we weren’t consistent. It just wouldn’t happen.”

Ten years and over a million followers later Fashion Bomb Daily is now the premiere destination for the urban millennial fashionista but Sulmers reminded attendees that that wasn’t always the case. “I think only my friends were reading. Maybe had one comment if we were lucky.” The Harvard graduate advised those in attendance to remember “if you don’t get a seat at the table then make your own table.”

Civil expressed the importance of teamwork “I can’t just do it myself” she said “I have like a team of ten people”. She also broke the third wall of creating compelling social media content stating “yesterday I spent all day creating content for the next month on instagram so yea most of that stuff’s not in real time.”

She spoke about the media discouraging young women and pitting them against each other. “It’s like it can only be one” she said “Growing up seeing that I told myself when I get my own company and have my own brand I want to be able to get other women with vision together.”

Remy Ma stressed the value of doing research and revealed that she had to create her social media strategy without the benefit of being able to grow with the technology. “I didn’t know what twitter was. I didn’t know what Instagram was. These things didn’t exist” she said “I had to figure out how was I going to use this, which it seemed like it was working for everyone else’s benefit, when I really didn't know about it at all.”

The Bronx bar spitter opted to use an unconventional method to reintroduce herself to her audience. Instead of pleading for attention she commandeered it by joining the cast of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop as a way to “get a whole bunch of people at one time to listen to what I want them to hear.”

It was clear that everyone in the room heard what these passionate women had to say about how they manage to break boundaries and hopefully was inspired to start doing the same.

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