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  • Keyaira Boone

#AdventuresinKekeland: Toast Montclair

After having a truly terrible start to my weekend there was only one place for me to turn-brunch. So I called up a friend and headed to Montclair’s Toast so we could raise a Sunday morning glass to overcoming the unexpected.

Located just down the street from the Montclair Art Museum Toast is a great breakfast spot with a really diverse menu. They’ve got just about anything you could be in the mood for on deck and while they don’t advertise them the seafood options are impeccable.

The word is definitely out about this place, we were just one of nearly ten duos huddled under their weatherproofed awning for warmth as we waited for a table. Is it just me or was Mother nature playing games on Sunday?

Unfortunately they don’t take reservations but we were committed to making it work so we sat around discussing the merits of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams like the penny pinching millennials we are. Eventually we got bored and decided to go take advantage of the sunlight across the street.

Tatiana snapped a few selfies.

And we shared a few giggles.

Since toast is BYOB I picked up a bottle of one of my favorite proseccos to thank Tatiana for driving and to have an excuse to take this boomerang.

Once we were finally seated our food came almost instantly. We had a great waiter who helped us arrange our food for pictures the way his girlfriend likes to. Smart man!

Spending time at toast was totally worth the wait.

What you should know about Toast

Nearest Parkway Exit: 148

Parking: On Street/Montclair Art Museum (it's free on Sundays!) Service: Above and Beyond Who to Bring: Besties and Boyfriends Who Tolerate Food Pics Decor: Shabby Chic Dress Code: Sweats won't get you major side eye but they're not recommended.

You can’t miss with jeans and a cute sweater. Wait Time: Plenty of time for artfully angled selfies on the brick wall across the street. Food: Definitely worth the wait. Insiders Order: Crab Cakes or the Shrimp and Bacon Sandwich

Special thanks to Sandra of LA PECOSA PRECIOSA who shared the deets on my Old Navy tee!

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