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7 Things I Learned From "Dear White People"

So Mother Nature tried it! This overcast weather threatened to wreck my one finals free weekend. Luckily Netflix's newest original series had my back. “Dear White People” had me glued to my seat Saturday & Sunday night as I reconnected with some of my favorite characters from the 2014 independent film of the same name that inspired the series. Check out what I learned from Sam, Reggie, Coco, and Lionel below.

Guys Really Think "The Friend Zone” is A Thing

You can’t get a job if you don’t apply but that hasn’t stopped some men from harboring resentment against women for rejecting their invisible romantic advances. Reggie was too tight when he found out Sam was smashing her bearded boo but he never did anything but lurk around the girl! Friendship and favors are not the stuff of fairytales and it’s about time these guys realized that we don’t owe them anything but a ‘thank you’ for being nice.

I’m Not The Only One Who Thinks “Scandal” is Doing Too Much

My neighbors are quite fond of me (mostly because I’m never home) but I’m pretty sure they wanted to knock my block off when I hollered out loud at the show’s parody of “Scandal” well past midnight. “Defamation” is everything my irate iMessages have said Scandal was for about three seasons now. Shonda is still my boo but ya’ll can have all the partner swapping and democracy thwarting. I. AM. TIRED. Catch y'all at a signing of her second book.

“Normal” College Kids Have Problems Too

When me and my Jansport were trekking back and forth to Kean University on the 52 bus the last thing I thought about between shifts as a janitor and office manager was the plight of young blacks in the Ivy League. “Dear White People” informed me that our community has struggles on every rung of the academic ladder and I was naive to think otherwise .

Nia Long’s Hair is Always Laid

I knew Nia Long’s sexy was well preserved when she pop-uped on Showtime’s unfairly canceled “House of Lives” but she then went on to wreak havoc as Giuliana on “Empire" and now she’s bumping uglies with golden boy Troy behind the back of her blonde boo thing all without a hair out of place. How she and her edges remain unscatched in such messy situations is beyond me.

Everyone Can Tell When You Have a Crush

You would've thought Lionel wrote “I love Troy” all over his ever present notebook for the amount of crap he got over his secret affections for his heterosexual roommate. He didn't proclaim his feelings publicly but the didn't stop Michael and Coco from seeing right through his “bromance” facade. I guess the next time I think I’m being low I’m going to have to think again

‘Bae’ is Completely Ruined For Me

When I was a child “bae” was just a pet name my grandmother lovingly bestowed on her cherished husband. As an adult it is the bane of my existence. I can’t listen to a podcast, read a think piece, or even buy cheap nail polish at Claire’s, without hearing or reading this phrase. The fact that a hashtag containing it was a plot device on the premiere episode of a television show geared to my generation is proof that it no longer belongs to me. I gotta let it go.

Nice Girls Are Still Finishing Last

Somehow all that stress eating left Poor Jo all with a svelte figure and killer skin but it still didn’t get her a man! She spent the whole season supporting Sam and uplifting Reggie and she couldn’t even find anyone to appreciate her Drake jokes! Here’s hoping Jo gets her some loving in the show’s second season because she deserves it.

Did you binge “Dear White People” over the weekend?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments! Haven't seen it yet? Check out the trailer below!

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