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  • Keyaira Boone

5 Reasons You Should Attend a "HEIR-ish!" Panel

Just months after celebrating New York’s City’s freshest crop of influencers with it’s inaugural Heir's List Heir PR shows no signs of slowing down. The boutique firm headed by Sherod Lewis recently launched it’s “HEIR-ISH!” PANEL SERIES at WeWork’s Dumbo location. The uniquely formatted community panel series emphasizes not just professional networking but personal connections. With tone deaf corporations trivializing our social and political struggles, and news of mass violence reaching our phones before breakfast we need to embrace our power and each other. Here are five reasons why I think the experience provided by this series is the perfect place for that.

1. The Healing

Nobody can understand what you’re going through like your sisters. You can explain, describe, and unpack microaggressions for others but as the #blackwomenatwork hashtag shows until you’ve gone through it you really can’t relate. Attendees at this event are encouraged to get involved and share with one another so that they can find the connections they often lack in the sunken- I mean work-place.

2. The Lessons

When you’re building a brand you can be overwhelmed with all of the expert advice thrown at you. While panelists at “HEIR-ISH!” are young professionals who have had some major triumphs navigating today’s professional landscape they are still encountering the unique challenges and opportunities you are. It is a place to share mistakes, success, and shortcuts not judgement.

3. The Connections

Moving to a new city or even moving out of your comfort zone can be pretty lonely. Not quite brave enough to slide in your insta-girl crush’s DM? No worries at there will be plenty of like minded women there for you to connect with the old fashioned way. I even swapped information with someone who was considering moving to Jersey!

4. The Exclusives

Enjoy beauty treatments from sponsors like Coco’s Lash Bar and support black businesses Lit Brooklyn and Buttah Babez! I got up close and personal with Lit’s newest labels.

5. The Refreshments

You can snack on plush pound cake and sip on sweet cocktails free of charge.

Make sure to follow Heir PR for updates on their next event!

Photo Credit: EshamaJ

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