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3 Things To Do While You're Snowed In

Welcome to New Jersey where flip-flop weather is quickly followed by a full on Nor'easter. It’s tempting to get caught up in thoughts of alternate side parking and cleaning off your car but remember a Christie State of Emergency does have its bright sides! Here are a few things that you can do to pass the time while you’re snowed in.

1. Clean Out Your Closet

I recently went through my drawers and was pleasantly surprised to find a graphic tee from the first Brian Lichtenberg for Forever 21 collection. I immediately started planning outfits but then stopped once I became horrified when I realized that what I once described as the perfect “going out top” had been lost for YEARS. That’s unacceptable. Keeping a well organized closet can not only save you time it can save you money. They’re your clothes- wear them. Clean that closet out NOW!

2. Catch Up On E-mails

Remember that dope girl you meet at that networking brunch your best friend dragged you to? Remember how cute her outfit was? Remember how she was funny and cool and had connections at that company you’ve been dreaming about working at since you graduated college? Remember how you guys swapped information? Remember how you never e-mailed her? Fix that.

3. Discover Some New Content

I know your favorite rapper/writer/media personality hasn’t dropped a new podcast in a while and you feel like the world is gonna end but I promise there are other things on the internet worth your time. Jersey girl Kimberly Amber has a new interview series called “The Spotlight”. The Seton Hall grad recently interviewed Fame Gillette and rumor has it he’s up next. I would watch now so that you can get all the tea on this rising star.

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