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5 Reasons To Join Me At The Sistahs In Business Expo Tomorrow!

I spend five days a week at #thedayjobchronicles so I’m picky about where I spend my Saturdays! If I’m willing to forgo the comfort of the coffee shop you know it’s for something special! Find out why I’ll be at the Robert Treat Hotel tomorrow for the Sistahs in Business Expo and why I think you should be there too!

You’ll Know All About The New New

Beautycon just left New York City and while its always fun to see how the biggest and brightest in beauty are planning to innovate the real ones know it’s the smaller companies that make a splash. Check out what everyone will be rocking next summer at Sisters In Business.

You’ll Get To See Some Of Your Favs

Y’all know Brick City always shows love! Come through and meet some of your IG girl crushes as they celebrate the beauty of women solving problems, telling their stories, and making bank while doing it. Founder Aisha Taylor has been intentional about including true Jersey girls like Lauren Craig and Dawn Fitch. Don’t miss your chance to connect with them!

You’ll Get To Rep Your Hustle

Starting a business without funds for promotion can be tough. Trust me I know. But you know what’s affordable? Stepping out! The Sisters in Business Expo will have a room full of captive consumers ready and willing to learn about your brand! So throw on that hoodie you’re selling, glide on that lipstick you cooked up, and place a business card in the hand of every person who throws you a compliment.

You’ll Get To Have Some Fun

You know it’s a celebration every time we link up and you know the fun won't stop when the event is over thanks to the return of rooftop season! Don’t be home watching the shenanigans on somebody’s stories. Come be apart of it!

You’ll Get Some Advice From My Big Sis

From the very day I met Charreah Jackson at Cocktails with Claire she has been praying for, loving on, and championing me. You are sure to be blessed by what she has to say. I speak from first hand experience.

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