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How You Can Support Breast Cancer Research And Get A Celebrity Style Workout At Bloomingdales For Ju

October is here! That means it’s time for the purchasing of cozy Australian footwear and full on photo shoots in apple orchards.

It’s also time to remember that at any moment 1 in 8 women will learn that her entire life is about to change because she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer.

This fall Bloomingdales has teamed up with Poe Yoga, Sweaty Betty, Orangetheory Fitness, Everlast, and My Training Gym to provide you with a private studio style workout experience as apart of their exclusive Pink Fitness Series.

The series will be hosted at their Short Hills location on Morris Turnpike and you can participate for just a $10 donation towards their work with national organizations including Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF), The Carey Foundation, and the Marisa Acocella Foundation.

They have contributed $12 million to the fight against breast cancer in the past 13 years.

Studio style workouts are a celebrity favorite! They provide you with just as much intensity as the gym in an intimate and judgement free environment (in this case it helps that the environment is one of the most modern and beautiful department stores in the most glamorous mall in the state).

Choose from their private yoga class on October 6th, their Orangetheory fitness class on the 13th, their boxing class on the 20th or get plenty of time to ogle all the latest fall fashions by attending all three!

Unsure about how you’ll feel about breaking a sweat in the middle of Bloomies? Me, my frizzy fro, and full belly will be there with you doing downward facing dog for a purpose. So don’t worry my loves I promise you won't look more crazy than me as you're trying to work out for the cause.

Get your tickets for the series here!

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