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  • Keyaira Boone

Ashley Stewart Successfully Rolls Out The Pink Carpet A Second Time

Ashley Stewart might be your neighborhood girl gone global but she hasn’t lost touch with the community that put her on the map. At this year’s 2nd Annual Finding Ashley Stewart Finale the retailer reinforced its ties to consumers through philanthropy, inclusivity, and good plain fun!

They rolled out the pink carpet for their customers and celebrity guests alike as they celebrated the crowing of a new Miss Ashley Stewart.

Lala Anthony gushed about how glad she was to be working with company that was committed as she is to celebrating curves.

“I wanted to bring dope fashion to Ashley Stewart. I definitely wanted to bring dope fashion to my curvy girls out there, great denims and great styles. I’m curvy too so I know what we like and I just wanted to bring some cool stuff into Ashley Stewart and into the stores.” The actress and television personality said her favorite fit of jean was “Stretch! Anything with stretch, anything that makes your butt look nice and big and juicy makes me happy!”

Lala stopped to pose for a few pictures with comedian, television personality, and the evening’s host Loni Love. The two weren't the only famous friends present.  Mikki Taylor and Soledad O'Brien embraced and shared a few laughs. 

While many reality television stars attempt build their brands by associating themselves with high-priced labels the average person can’t afford Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Peter Thomas was happy to show up and see Ashley Stewart spread love in his hometown.“I grew up four blocks from here this is my neighborhood, so when they told me where it was taking place I couldn’t say no,” revealed Thomas.

“This brand is more tangible,”said Thomas,“they’re in the neighborhood and they actually have a give back program which more retailers don’t.”

Thomas also has a relationship with the Ashley woman. “That’s my biggest fans,” he said beaming as his dashing beard glowed in the moonlight. “If you ever watch the Housewives, or go to Essence [festival], the people that come to my restaurant, that support me all the time that’s the demographic that’s who supports me the most so anything that I can do whenever I can do it I’m gon’ be there.”

Activations were placed throughout the venue so that every woman there could feel like a VIP including multiple photo and gif booths.

Complimentary Creme of Nature products were also in all of the restrooms so everyone could post their selfies and snaps looking pink carpet ready.

Thomas’ fellow Brooklyn native and Ashley Stewart’s Manager of Marketing & Customer Acquisitions Tamara Ivey talked about why Ashley Stewart felt it was important to forge relationships in communities like Newark and Brooklyn before it was trendy to do so. “That’s who our customer is and that’s where she’s from. If it wasn’t for that customer there wouldn’t be any Ashley Stewart.”

She was extremely excited about surprising the $150,000 in scholarships and charitable donations that would be handed out later in the evening.

“This is amazing. This is a dream come true,”said Ivey. "They don’t even know that this is happening tonight.

Last year’s Finding Ashley Stewart winner Theresa Larsen Royals walked the carpet and spoke about what was next for her after the crowd. “I’m looking forward to partnerships with other organizations and speaking engagements,” she said “especially talking about women’s health.” She also spoke about who she would like to fulfill her duties after her tenure was through.

“I want her to have her own style I want her to bring something totally different to Ashley Stewart 2018” she continued. “I want her to be herself and because she’s herself she’s going to inspire someone else who feels the same way she does to be whatever they want to be.”

Once SWV (who proclaimed to the crowd that they too were Ashley Stewart), Naughty by Nature, and MC Lyte were through tearing up the stage with old school hits the evening ended with Royals getting her wish as she passed her crown to teacher and community advocate Tiffany Gosa-Flamer who showed up to work the next morning with her sash! Looks like she’s have no problem bringing her authentic self to the role of Miss Ashley Stewart.

Keep up with Miss Ashley Stewart by following the brand on Instagram at @byashleystewart and @byashleytv .

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