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Everything I Would Snag And Skip From CVS' New Beauty Line

One of the coolest things about being a blogger and lifestyle writer, outside of virtually satisfying my penchant for uninterrupted babbling, is you get to check out new beauty products before they launch. Last month I got to attend the of preview of Joah Beauty, a new K-Beauty inspired CVS exclusive collection from the makers of KISS nails. I’ve always loved KISS products so I was excited to see what they had to offer.  I tried out the samples on site and spent a month putting a variety of their products to the test.

Here’s everything I think you should snag (and skip) from this affordably priced line this season.

SNAG: JOAH Glow Activator Radiance Primer: Gold $9.99

I really love this stuff. It has a hint of shimmer but it isn’t too overpowering and most importantly it doesn’t give you that tacky feeling at the end of a long day. It also doubles as a quality eyeshadow primer. It’s quick drying as well. I’ve used it in quick makeup sessions at #thedayjobchronicles and the extra step didn’t add any time at all.

SKIP: JOAH Selfie Ready Setting Powder $8.99

So I LOVE Make Up Forever’s Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder but I also love being able to pay my light bill so I was SO hyped to find out that Joah Beauty was releasing its own version of the translucent powder. Unfortunately I was disappointed in the results. On this brown girl translucent translated to casket sharp. The consistency was nice and I think it would have been at least decent at absorbing shine had I opted to keep it on long but it wasn’t for me. When I asked about it the brand’s reps said they are looking to release additional colors in the fall. I’ll keep you guys posted but until then I’m sticking with…..

SNAG: JOAH Selfie Ready Setting Spray in ‘Matte Me Down’ $7.99

I’m not big on dewy setting sprays. I prefer to get my shine from creams, oils, or powders but I’m ALL about a good matte pick and this delivers. It worked WAY better than the NYX option that’s been my go to since abandoning the HD powder. I generally don’t have to reapply it unless the day is really hot and unlike the powder this is compatible with every skin tone. I honestly was surprised at the price point considering the quality of this product. I think it’s worth at least 11 or 12 dollars.

SKIP: JOAH I Wipe-Tini Makeup Remover Wipes $2.99

I tried on a few different lip colors at the launch and it took at least 3 wipes to remove them each time. These are priced super well but in the interest of time I would stay with my Oil of Olay facial wipes or consider their liquid option (still a steal at just $5.99) so you can control the amount of product applied.  

SNAG: WAT-A-MATTE Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Dragon Punch’ (or any shade)

I literally rearranged my acrylic makeup organizer to put this in the front row that’s how good it is. It’s long lasting, the color is true, and it goes on really creamy. I like the applicator to it’s more plushy than other liquid lipsticks in my makeup collection. It holds up to a few glasses of wine or coffee but I know from experience that you’ll have to reapply after penne pasta. Pick it up in Dragon Punch if you’re searching for perfect plum lip for fall.


Remember those gel pens we were all obsessed with in 4th grade? Now imagine they come in the perfect nude shade for your lips.

Skip: TRULY YOURS Liquid Foundation $8.99

It doesn’t come in my color, or close to my color, or in the same neighbor as my color, or in the same voting district as my color.

Snag: JOAH Makeup Brush: Fan $6.99

I’ve always wanted one of these brushes to apply liquid highlighter and this one doesn’t disappoint. It also takes well to being washed.

Snag: JOAH I'm So Fly Brush Tip Eyeliner: Black $7.99

I’m usually a gel liner girl but this was easy to work with. I wore it to my cousin’s birthday party and it stayed put throughout the evening. I'm excited to pick one up in brown. It’s quick drying though so you’ll need more than a q-tip if you mess up.

Skip: JOAH Be My Everything Highlighter Palette $13.99

This would be the perfect palette if it had just one more shade in it’s pretty packaging but because it doesn’t I would rather snag...

Snag: BE MY EVERYTHING Blush & Bronze $13.99 in 'Sunset'

This gradient palette provides warm and cool glows that are great for every skin tone.

Skip: JOAH Eye Scream Ultra Volume Mascara

I like the inky formula but I’m not crazy about the bristle.

Snag: BIRTHDAY SUIT Eyeshadow Palette $9.99

Still mourning the Naked Collection slip into your birthday suit with this grade A dupe.

Overall I was impressed with Joah Beauty and, more so because my makeup artist at their event was a Jersey girl.  The packaging is whimsical and the products work well. I would like to see a bit more diversity but they’re not alone in fall short in that category and the fact that the brand was aware of it before I brought it up, and invited women from a variety of backgrounds to come and offer feedback (I can't tell you how many times I've been the only black woman in the room) is a good sign. Stop by your local CVS and check out what they have to offer.

See more from their launch below.

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