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  • Keyaira Boone

The 7 Stages of Listening to Shane & Eboni Pearce's "I Like"

This month New Jersey based artist and Them Cloud Kids co-founder Shane and his potentially-life-ruining-shade-of-hazel-eyes had the audacity to team up with his fellow singer Eboni Pearce to put out a song that was part Erykah Badu's “Other Side of The Game” and part Drake's “Doing It Wrong” and I gotta level with y'all I ain’t been right ever since! It immediately put me in my feelings the second I heard it and because I’m a masochist I’ve had it on repeat like a damn dummy. Check out my initial reactions to the collaboration so that unlike me you can have the opportunity to properly prepare yourself before you press play.

1. Shock

When you’re a blogger (even one who actively avoids critiquing contemporary music you’re not completely sure about as much as I do) you’re inundated with people sending you unsolicited links to their latest music because it’s “fire”. When Shane sent me this and I realized that it was indeed the elusive fire I’m constantly being promised via random press releases I was I was like….

2. Chills

Then when shorty hit that note I was like...

Because I needed to know!!!!!

3. Loneliness

I was getting out of the car when the first verse ended and when I remembered I ain't have no man to play this for when I got back to my apartment I was like….

4. Relief

Then when the line came on reminding me about how much men and women like to play games and I was like

5. Confusion

When the second hook comes in I started to evaluate my life like maybe I should hit up...

6. Happiness

But then thankfully the beat came back and I was just like...

7. Dissatisfaction

Then it was over and I was just like....

You can check out the visuals for “I Like" below but don’t act like you haven’t been warned and try to blame it on the retrograde. I already pulled that trick.

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