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  • Keyaira Boone

5 Anti F*ck Boy Accessories To Protect You This Summer

Summer is the season of the F*ck Boy. With it’s free backyard barbecues and lack of gift giving occasions it’s the perfect time for him and his mess to flourish in your life. Before you fall victim to a ‘hey big head’ text from a guy you gave your number to four months ago check out some of these adorable ways to remind you to stay strong because the last thing you want to be doing while down the shore with your girls is sitting on Instastories trying to see whether or not his phone really died when he was at Dussepalooza.

1. Beeq Box’s F*ck Boy Repellent $12

This semi-matte yet shimmery setting spray will help keep your makeup in place and prevent you from hitting back homeboy with the garbage bag covering his passenger side window.

2. Skinny Dip’s No Fuck Boys Phone Case $11

This is the perfect response for when he walks up on you minding your business talking ‘bout “lemme see your phone.”

3. Icing’s Just Say No to F*ck Boys Cuff $2

Marked down to just $2 this item is no longer available online but the constant reminder that you’re better than a good morning text is worth a little clearance rack hunting .

4. The Style Animal’s Don’t Do Wifey Shit For a F*ck Boy Jacket $80

This jacket is a slightly bigger investment than brunch but sometimes you need to spread the gospel.

5. Posh Candle Co.’s “Fuck Boy Repellent” Candle $18

Ran out of sage to smudge those fuck boy vibes away with? This black owned business has your back.

* Photos are property of the brands represented and not property of The C Letter.

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