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Dorinda Walker Shares Her Purpose and Her Platform

Mother, leader, wife, community advocate, and Prudential Executive Dorinda Walker describes herself as a woman with “the fortitude to change my circumstances.” Today she’s using that fortitude to change the circumstances of others. The new author used the launch of her book “Protected by Purpose” not to celebrate herself but to spread others messages of hope and redemption.

Walker was joined at Montclair’s “The Loft” by S.H.E. Summit founder Claudia Chan, the Program Director, and choreographer behind Kick Dance studio Michelle Tolson, musical artists Syreta Thompson, Deseree Perrin, and Valencia Fulmore as well as her fellow authors Rahiem J. Allen, Dee C. Marshall, and Mikki Taylor, the evening’s emcee, in her attempt to spread a message of hope and acceptance.

Attendees were reminded that “Addiction is a mental illness” and that despite the stigma“It’s nothing to look down on.”

Powerful musical selections were integrated into the program as a tribute to Walker’s mother whose struggles with addiction impacted her ability to follow her dreams.

Tolson’s story about her loving but tumultuous marriage reflected how the stigmas behind addiction can conceal it even when it’s in plain sight. “The face of addiction is not what you think it is” said Tolson “I didn’t realize that addicts could be cool and nice and funny.”


Walker generously provided a place for the authors in attendance to connect with guests and display their books that provide their personal tales of resilience.

Friends, family members, and supporters attended the event sharing their excitement with their host and one another.

Walker stayed long after the event was over posing for selfies and signing books.

The event was designed to empower all types of people to fight back against the hold addiction has on our society, not just women.

Marshall who penned the book “Dear Black Man, We Love You: 5 Things You Need To Know and Do To Win” facilitated an impassioned conversation with Allen about the need for men to receive emotional support in order to properly function as partners and community members “otherwise you’re putting a band-aid on something that needs stitches.”

Walker spoke frankly about her own relationship with mental illness sharing that she survived two separate attempts to end her own life until she came out on the other side finally coming to the conclusion that “I didn’t need to die because I had a will to live again.”

When she returned to the microphone Taylor decided to go“off script” for a moment to express her admiration for Walker’s candidness. “Vulnerability and being transparent is actually an act of generosity and leadership” she said closing her informal statement by saying “You don’t ever have to worry about Dorinda trying to be somebody else” she told attendees “because that’s not her story”.

To learn more about Dorinda Walker’s story get your copy of “Protected by Purpose” here.

Check out her episode of The Great Girlfriend’s podcast here.

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