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Adventures in Kekeland: Millburn's Moonshine Modern Supper Club

I have been wanting to write about Moonshine Modern Supper Club since I started The C Letter but I didn’t for a very very good reason. I was always having too much fun! When I was in undergrad at Kean University I would come here with a friend in search of our favorite Riesling from the Finger Lakes. What we found was the perfect place to spend many a post-finals happy hour.

A few weeks ago after a visit to South Mountain Reservation my friend Lindsay and I were trying to decide where to spend the rest of the afternoon and I suggested this tried and true standby. Everyone was as gracious as I remembered, including the owner who is always milling around making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

This restaurant is one my favorite places to bring new people because they have a huge selection and their bar is incredibly cozy (their signature neon yellow chairs lead to a couple getting engaged   there after spending their first evening together in them.

It’s also really affordable. Not only does Moonshine have drink options for every price point, they have an all day happy hour on Sunday!

The specials from their kitchen can get a teensy bit pricey but they’re also the only place to ever serve me risotto that didn’t taste like paste so there’s that. Also they do phenomenal things with fish and their seasonal options haven’t disappointed me yet. Once, they even made me not hate pumpkin by hiding it in something so warm and rich I didn’t care what was in it! And I reallyyyyy hate pumpkin.

We unexpectedly ended up running into the Black Brunch New Jersey’s Loreal Drayton who was celebrating her birthday. We shared a few laughs with her. 

And then ever the hostess she was gracious enough to let us crash her party. 

It was this occasion that led me to getting reacquainted with their killer cocktails. I generally get a glass of wine when I come here because the selection is so impressive but their bartenders are no slouches!

We allowed them to surprise us and I was shocked to find out that the drink that I was loving has grapefruit juice in it. And I hate grapefruits! (um do you see a pattern here?)

If you haven’t checked out Moonshine Modern Supper Club you need to! Even if you don’t leave with a new man or a new palette it’ll still be worth the trip.

Note: I'd like to extend a special thank you to Vic who always shows me and my friends so much love and respect when we stop by!

What You Should Know About Moonshine Modern Supper Club Nearest Parkway Exit: 141 Works but Route 78 is Your Best Bet

Parking: There’s a small lot around the corner and plenty of municipal parking Service: Quick and Welcoming Who to Bring: The Squad and First Dates Decor: Looks like it was plucked right out of the post-gentrified Lower East Side Dress Code: Post Work Happy Hour   Wait Time: Usually minimal but do yourself a favor and call ahead on weekends Selection: The beers and wines on tap are the perfect date night compromise Insiders Know: That the real party is in the lounge.   Price: If you come between 3-7 you can stunt for the gram and still have enough gas to get home.

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