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4 Jersey Artists to Talk About Instead of Kanye

You’re mad. I get it. I’m disappointed too. From having to fast forward through Ye’s verse on one of my favorite Jeezy tracks to declining to wear my Yeezus tee to my standing Saturday morning coffee date it’s been a rough week for me too. But what I’m not in the mood to do is write another Kanye think piece. And no, I’m not in the mood to talk about the questionable merits of that meme either. What I am in the mood to do is list a few dope local artists you can use your twitter fingers to support in between writing witty if slightly redundant captions about our new second least favorite member of the Kardashian clan (sorry shorty who won’t acknowledge cornrows still stands at numero uno in Kekeland).

1. Broadway Blake

For years Blake has been a staple on the Newark Arts Scene. Not only has he created a weekly showcase for other artists with “Vibes in The City” he’s also given us genuine jams like “Grammy Speech.” Check out his latest track "Coulda Been Kendrick" and be on the lookout for his new project coming soon.

2. Lewnati

Now I usually like my ratchet and reckless tracks to have a southern slant but when it comes to Lewnati I believe him and that’s all that’s required for me to support this charmer. His “One Day” might not be super feminism friendly but it’s still a hell of a bop. Check out his latest project “Read Receipts” to get fulfill your struggle love fantasies without fighting on Worldstar.

3. Eni

This crooner’s “Running Back” is proof that the best lyricists have crossed over to R&B.

4. Noleac Yahsin

Describing herself as a “deviser of abysmal, catching melodies that craft an utopia fit for reality” this young singer’s inventive homemade visuals compliment her surprisingly ethereal tracks. Think awkward black girl meets Alice in Wonderland, if Wonderland was yards from Military Park. If your reality bites escape down her diy rabbit hole for a few hours.

Honorable Mention: The Growling Hounds

Recently this garage band has become one of my favorites to write and study to. Not trapped in the middle of dead-line induced misery like yours truly? This is the perfect weather to let the windows the down and let in a little strawberry lighting. Blast one of their most popular tracks and forget that you'll never again get your inner rock star satisfied from the riffs on 808s and Heartbreaks.

Okay now that we all have music to mourn to let’s use our Monday to be great and help one another! Because even during the telethon days Donda’s son and his polo shirts was probably never going to deliver us from all of the world's evils.

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