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"No Chaser" Serves Relationship Commentary Straight Up

Overwhelmed by all of the bae goals clogging up your timeline this Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone. Crippling student loan debt, widespread cases of wanderlust, and smartphone induced emotional distance have made dating while millennial more complex than it’s ever been.

But while outlets from Refinery29 to The Remedy Podcast have been publicly examining what millennial women are thinking about and expecting from romance men haven’t been as vocal about their stance outside of the occasional misguided hashtag rebellion.Tired of watching her friends scour through mens social media for clues, LaPorsche Jackson decided to go to the source to get some straight answers. She created, executive produced, and self-financed the web series “No Chaser” to see what today’s men really wanted from relationships and what they were really to give up to get it because the best way to know the answer to a question is to ask it.

The result is a serious of candid conversations where subjects speak candidly about online dating, courting while celibate, finances, and interracial dating.

Each of the six episodes gives the men an opportunity to answer a different question. Among them the classic “why do men cheat?”, and the more modern “do you slide in DMs?

It might be preceded by hilarious clips from films like “Friday” and television shows like “Martin” that illustrate each of the themes but it’s the vulnerability of the subjects that sets “No Chaser”apart.

Director of Photography Brandon Nick captures the moment one of the men realizes just how wrong it is that he’s been told in no uncertain terms that marrying a “mixed” woman will ensure that his children are beautiful. Even though he’s unlearned this ridicoulus concept prior to filming you can see the anger rising on behalf of black women as he tells his story.

Another man sets aside his pride and talks about how hurt he was being on the other side of infidelity.

Like anyone who has ever had their partner go through their phone in the middle of the night knows sometimes relationships questions just lead to more questions. There will be a second season coming soon but until then check out the truth straight from the source.

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