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  • Keyaira Boone

Jersey Guru Spreads Skincare Gospel in Short Hills

This Saturday Jersey girls of all ages and skin tones got to experience the glam behind Felicia Walker Benson’s flawless skin. Benson, a beauty expert and skincare writer who has grown This That Beauty from fledgling review site to full blown lifestyle brand, partnered with Erno Laszlo to provide free express beauty treatments at the Bloomingdales’ inside The Mall at Short Hills.

Attendees were on-line prior to the event’s opening ready to experience the celebrity cult favorite up close just in time for their Valentine’s Day plans.

Christine Carr, founder of New Jersey based Marketing Solution firm NicholNoire, was there to support her close friend in a chic sheath. She and Benson share a friendship that has spanned nearly a decade though she recently quipped on Instagram that with the help of great skincare “the only place it’s showing is in our knees.”

Initially formulated to address the acne of an actual princess Erno Laszlo’s products went on to care for the faces of Hollywood royalty.

Actresses Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo swore by his prescriptions. And Audrey Hepburn, the iconic beauty who immortalized Holly Golightly, swore that “I owe 50% of my beauty to my mother and the other 50% to Erno Laszlo.”

The skin care experts chuckled as they chatted with clients ensuring their comfort.

They also took the time to explain the merits of the products they were using which included the Detoxifying Cleansing Oil, Firmarine Moisturizer, White Marble Treatment Bar and the Timeless Skin Serum.

The hit of the event though was the Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask. Designed to cool, brighten, firm, and revitalize the skin underneath the eye this product got immediate results for the women in attendance with many admiring the instant transformation in the mirror before their services were even completed!

Attendees showed up dressed to impress.

But the facialists were no slouches in the style department either.

Benson was on trend with her patch adorned jacket.

The ladies of the Hella Queens and A Fork and the Road’s Bridgit Burton Brown were on the scene looking fresh-faced after their facials.

For many Jersey girls visiting The Mall at Short Hills is a special experience but this Saturday it was sprinkled with a little more star power.

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Learn more about Felicia Walker Benson on the latest episode of Hella Queens below.

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