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AdventuresinKekeland: Curating My Life With A Day Job

This month I wrote a profile on top-tier couturier. I interviewed one of my favorite media personalities at Power Day. I made a ‘35 Under 35’ list alongside one of my favorite writers. I traveled to Philadelphia on a weekday to support a colleague. And guess what? I did all of that while maintaining a full-time day job.

While many creatives are loud and proud about pursuing their passions full-time fewer are comfortable fessing up about needing to supplement their income. In fact some outright lie about having day jobs. As entrepreneurship becomes more and more trendy those struggling to stay afloat can feel overwhelmed by the pressure to be #girlboss goals. A popular evening wear designer moonlighting as a cashier once begged me not to tell anyone that they were the person ringing up my felt lined stockings.

I myself have fell victim to this in the past, even turning down great opportunities because of suffering from “imposter syndrome.” Thankfully through the support of my friends and peers I have grown to realize that my lack of financial privilege does not make me less worthy.

I’m often asked how I balance being a freelance writer for publications like Cassius and Allure, working with brands like Latched and Hooked and Eden BodyWorks and being a graduate student while working full time. Well here are three ways I curate my life.

1. I Curate My Surroundings

It can be tough to stay motivated but little changes like hanging up cards and pictures in my office make a huge difference. Keeping one of my favorite books and mementos from events I’ve attended as a writer in plain sight help me keep my eye on the prize.

When the time came for me to paint my office I picked a bright shade of peach to keep my spirits up and accessorized with my favorite shade of blue.

Even my staples are housed in style, though I probably need to step my sticky note game up.

If all else fails I look around at how lucky I am and get right back on my grind.

2. I Curate My Conversations

Anyone who has ever been caught in corner by the “let’s build guy” knows that people will “pick your brain” to pieces if you let them.

One of the ways I make the best use of my time as a "slashie" is by not having long drawn out conversations about projects with no budget and meetings without agendas. A few years of freelancing has taught me that an hour saved leads to coins made (See what I did there?)

3. I Curate My Schedule

With tools like Google Calendar, and Wunderlist, it’s easier than ever to keep track of everything I have going on. In addition to calls,meetings, and deadlines I schedule everything from study sessions to hot yoga to make sure that I’m honoring my commitments to others and myself. Not addicted to your iPhone 7 like yours truly? Snag a cute paper planner from Effie’s Papers or Kate Spade.

Having a day job doesn’t hinder my ability to be creative. It supports it. Using my status as someone else’s employee to invest in my education, physical and spiritual health, and career is just one of the ways that I curate my life.

Interested in hearing more from other young creatives creating their own career paths? Join me at Mocha Lounge on January 27th for the Curate Your Life 1 Year Anniversary Mixer!

Note: This is event is raising funds for Curate Your Life, an organization dedicated to building character and leadership skills in young ladies.

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