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  • Keyaira Boone

10 Questions I Want Answered From Season 2 of Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It”

"She's Gotta Have It" has followed in the footsteps of its predecessor "Dear White People" in expanding a thought provoking film into an exciting series with serious potential. But the minute I heard it was renewed for a second season I started thinking of all the questions left unanswered as that Brooklyn door crept open. Here are my top ten.

1. Is somebody gonna run up on Mr. “Nation Time”?

Not only were Dean, his trophy wife, and awkward offspring irritating as all hell at the gallery he’s an outright criminal who defaced Nola’s street art. Now that Mars and his superpower have outed him as the culprit are there going to be consequences? And if so can I jump in? I'm just saying WorlddddddddSTAR!

2. Where are Jamie’s wife’s friends?

Nola & Mr. Overstreet were moving around mighty comfortably around them Brooklyn streets. How have they not been spotted by anybody in wifey’s squad? Don’t the black elite circulate around Brooklyn on a regular basis? Aren’t AKAs supposed to be popular? I’m gonna need some answers.

3. Does Nola have insurance?

Until the Supreme Court decides that reproductive rights are human rights birth control still costs a grip! Since homegirl is on the painting payment plan with her therapist I’m wondering how she is keeping the dependants away. Since she is sleeping with three different men this is especially concerning because it’s all fun and games until you gotta start doing math when the stick turns blue.

4. Is Nola gonna reveal that she got the hookup?

While it was tacky for Mars to ask Nola how much her rent was in the pilot it was shady for her to play coy. There’s nothing wrong with her getting the hookup via her parents’ connections but Mars already feels bad enough being a grownass man squatting at his sisters in the projects. It would be nice if she was upfront about this particular privilege. Or at least share the love by fixing him a plate more often.

5. What nail polish is Greer wearing?

That pretty Parisienne never has a chip in sight!

6. Speaking of beauty products, what is Nola putting in her hair?

It would be great if we could see her at a product swap or in a Walgreen aisle because I need to know how she’s keeping up those curls! To be honest I wouldn’t be mad if we got the tea on her eyebrow lady either.

She snatched all around!

7. Is Clorinda ever going to let the Mars thing go?

I understand the girl code but why stay friends if you’re constantly going to bring it up? A blunt and a giggle can't fix everything.

8. Did Shemekka get that job?

There’s no buzzkill quitelike watching one’s butt’s deflate so we know bartending at the strip club is no longer an option cute as she may be.

9. Is Opal really #baegoals?

While we got a pretty full picture of the men in Nola’s life Opal and her Birkenstocks are still a mystery to me. I want to know more about the woman behind the precarious child and the glossy hair before I get too attached.

10. Does Raqueletta Moss have a man?

It seems kind of selfish for her to keep all that sauce to herself because she is everything with her resilent self!

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Photo Credits: Wherever I Look

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