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  • Keyaira Boone

6 Thoughts on Jay Z's "Family Feud" Video

If you had told me on the playground at Mt. Vernon Elementary that I would one day watch a video where the greatest rapper alive champions the potential of a matriarchal society I would have swallowed my lemonheads. Rap has historically had a troubled relationship with the women both within and outside of its now culturally ubiquitous ranks. And while tracks like “You’re All I Need to Get By” have championed the ability of women to soothe the physical and psychological wounds the streets leave behind very few have staked their claim on the intrinsic value of the female sex. Thankfully while the disdain for “bitches and hoes” was well documented during rap’s ascent, its emerging respect for the women changing the world is making its way to the forefront of the genre’s maturation. Here are some thoughts I had as my jaw dropped watching Jay Z’s visuals for “Family Feud”.

1. The Hoteps Are Going To Have A Field Day With This One

The ashy knuckles and negative bank accounts are all going to be in a tizzy when they get reminded that the future is female, that is once somebody rips the video off of Tidal because we all know despite their constant harping on the importance of supporting black businesses they not trying to pay for it.

2. Susan Kelechi Watson Was The Perfect Person To Play Blue Ivy

From her killer curls to her robust expressions the actress who made us all fall in love with Beth Pearson was literally the only option.

3. I Would Totally Pray to Pope Beyonce

I mean if we’re gonna go with the premise that some humans are more holy than others there’s a shit ton of evidence for Mrs. Carter.

4. Jay Is Literally One of The Most Powerful People on The Planet

Jay Z is Jay Z. I know this and yet each time he drops a new….anything I get fooled into thinking he can’t wield his power in a more sickeningly awesome manner. The second I saw Jessica Chastain appear on screen I knew I was wrong-again.

5. I Need to Move To Whatever Year This Is

If 2016 was hot garbage, 2017 has been lukewarm trash. I’m trying to go to where Mindy Kaling, Brie Larson, Niecy Nash and Rosario Dawson have the juice.

6. Thandie Newton Looks Great Even As A Futuristic Villian In A Onesie

If I need to elaborate on this thought you need your eyes checked.

Have you seen the video for “Family Feud”? Let me know what you think!

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