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Adventures in Kekeland: Black Barn

I’ve been going into the city since I could walk but I still don’t know much about the East Side! Sure I know that the DL is way more popping in the winter than the summer, Serafina slices are the perfect post museum mile snack, and you need reservations to even think about being treated like a human being at Beauty & Essex but the Flatiron district is still a mystery to me.

So when I came across Black Barn on my way to the In Her Shoes Holiday Bazaar I was intrigued.

After we saw a sneak peek of “She Did That!” and I finally got my Black Girl Magic pin from Effie's Paper my friend Yasmin and I doubled back through Madison Square Park to check it out.

The first thing I felt as we entered was relief. It was a Saturday night and the restaurant wasn’t packed! Later when visiting the ladies’ room (tip go before you order just to check out the situation if the ladies’ room is gross just throw the whole dining experience away sis!) I realized this was due to the restaurant being huge!

What had actually looked like a cute little cocktail bar was actually a full fledged culinary destination including a seafood display, private rooms, and a wine cellar.

Later once I stopped raving about how great makeup artist Simply Christelle slayed Yasmin’s eyeshadow I continued to snoop.

I liked how there were barns doors in front of the private rooms and I appreciated that they were red-orange. It really made them pop.

I’m usually not a huge fan of exposed beams, despite my obsession with Fixer Upper, but they were really symmetrical here and it was almost like a cool cathedral vibe. Sidebar: Is there such a thing?

The fries I ordered were perfectly fine but I had no problem popping my hand right over to Yasmin’s margherita pizza.

Many places have added these to their happy hour menu but not all of them are created equal.

This one looked as good as it smelled.

Speaking of strong smells….the cocktails were no joke! If you’re looking for sweet concoctions to fulfill all of your Sex and the City fantasies this is not the place for you. But if you’re interested in a classic cocktail and efficient yet friendly service stop by Black Barn!

What You Should Know About Black Barn

Nearest Parkway Exit: N/A Taking the Path to 23rd Street & walking is the quickest way but if that’s not an option you can ride into Penn Station then catch a cab

Parking: Good luck

Service: Front Quick and Welcoming

Who to Bring: The Squad and First Dates

Decor: Rustic Elegance

Dress Code: Post Work Happy Hour

Wait Time: Zero

Selection: We’re talking Grilled Baby Octopus, Bone Marrow,

and Grilled Branzino

Insiders Know:That the happy hour is where it’s at when you’re

looking for the ambiance without the pricetag

Price: Outside of the happy hour (which is graciously extended to weekends)

it's definitely not freelancer struggle friendly but if you’re trying to flex for your birthday dinner do you boo!

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