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Podcast Picks: Women in Hip Hop Podcast

By looking at the bevy of curves on display on Jazzie Belle’s popular Instagram page you might assume that they are all she has to offer. You would be sorely mistaken. The former urban model and self-described “voice of reason for women” sharpened her conversational skill with stints at Hot 97 and Shade 45, and has now placed them at the forefront with the “Women in Hip Hop Podcast.” She sits down with the artists, media personalities, wives, and choreographers who haven’t always gotten their just due for their contributions to the culture on this weekly show.

Exclusively interviewing women she admires her near tangible enthusiasm is the thread that hold every episode together

In her recent episode with rapper Yoyo they discuss her writing process and you can almost her her smile as she hears secrets about the songs that contributed to the soundtrack of her childhood.

While interviewing Wendy Williams she talks about her experience with the legend’s show telling her that the whole office where the Detroit native worked when first arriving in New York shut down at the very first sound of William’s voice.

The audience is able to learn all the different avenues that can lead to a career centered in the industry that supports what has just been labeled the country’s most popular art form. In another recent episode Patricia Robinson shares her journey from teen mom to human resources professional reminding listeners that not all jobs at their favorite radio stations involve being in the spotlight.

While she asks about longstanding rumors she also tackles more serious topics.

The first episode features Zana Ray telling a story about being asked to have her client Desiigner remove her name from a song despite there being a legacy of rappers calling out their teams on tracks. The only difference in this case. She was a woman.

In an episode with the widow of the slain Queen rapper Chinx she admonishes unscrupulous bloggers by forcing them to face the people behind the blog posts that are often circulated before families are notified of their loved one's passing.

In another she gives a voice to exotic dancer Maliah Michel, who despite being immortalized on records, has been remarkably quiet with the exception of one saucy Instagram post about her relationship with a certain Canadian superstar.

From muses to managers women have played a pivotal role in hip hop and now with the democratization of media Jazzie Belle is giving them their say.

The Women In Hip Hop Podcast is available weekly on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Photo and Video Credits : Jazzie Belle

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