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10 Movies for Those Who Hide on Holidays

The holidays aren't easy for everyone and no one should be subjected to shame and abuse in the name of cranberry sauce. Need to go into hermit mode this season? These classics will keep you company.

If You’re Feeling Angry

1. Clueless

Laugh, cry, and feel really old when you remember that we just lost Alaïa.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Who wouldn’t want to fantasize about a place where nothing bad can happen on a day they're not feeling good about.

3. Mean Girls

Because you might need to be reminded that some of us shouldn’t have to take this workshop because we’re just victims. Also Glen Coco.

If You’re Feeling Angsty

4. Closer

Lose yourself in a twisted love story and find out where Panic! At the Disco got all those sick song titles.

5. Kill Bill Vol. 1

If you want to really go deep down the rabbit hole watch both back to back the way God & Quentin Tarantino intended.

6. Waiting to Exhale

This classic needs no explanation.

If You Just Want To Watch A Family That’s More Dysfunctional Than Yours

7. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

While everyone is fighting over leftovers you can focus on perfecting Liz Taylor’s cat eye.

8. August Osage County

You might think your auntie is about that life but Julia Roberts without the glam could give her a run for her money in this adaptation of the Tracy Letts play.

9. Mr. Right

Two brothers literally threaten to murder each other throughout the entire film and then one finally accomplishes his goal. Radical honesty bro. You gotta love it.

10. Dear White People

Generational respectability politics play a major role in this smart independent film and watching it will be a lot more fun than listening to your uncle ask you where your man at...again.

Not feeling any these? Pick up a copy of Ty Alexanders’ “Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died: Coping with Loss Every Day” to cope with the holiday blues.

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