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7 Pairs of Festive Footwear Under $75

Tis’ the season to RSVP. From sip and shops to “friendsgiving” meetups there are no shortage of ways to celebrate the holiday season. But while I’m all about green, beans potatoes, tomatoes and the like what I’m not about is heels. They may be picture perfect but my style errs on the side of practical and I never feel less sexy than when I’m uncomfortable. I've rounded up my favorite pairs of festive footwear for those of you who share my aversion to stilettos.

1. Converse, $52.50

I just snagged a pair of these on Sunday after a boozy brunch at Boulevard 572 with my friend Amanda. They are going to the staple of my holiday wardrobe this season because I want to shine without having to stay seated.

2. Steve Madden, $49.98

These are a great way to ease into the velvet trend.

3. Target, $27.99

These cute slip-ons were my go-to during this year’s New York Fashion Week!

4. Puma, $67.46

These might be beige but they give off a golden glow.

5. Target, $27.99

They not expensive, they not red bottoms, but I LOVE Target shoes!

6. Adidas, $63.00

Um, while we’re all fighting the patriarchy can we get rid of the pink tax so female sneaker fiends can flourish? The women's version of these fun kicks are nearly 40% more.

7. Reebok, $74.99

One of the best part of being a grown-up is you care less about name brands. I can't believe we ever fronted on Reeboks.

Refuse to part with your pumps? Stash one of these to the side for your second look of the night. Don’t forget to share your favorite holiday looks using the hashtag #JerseyGirlsLookLikeThis.

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