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"Private Quarters" Offers Style in Comfort

The sound of the dryer drowns out your headphones and your stylist flashes the universal hand gesture for “just five more minutes” for the forty-fifth time. A child cries as her mother threatens from her chair to give her something to cry about. The scent of chicken wings settles from the lap of a junior stylist into the threads of your favorite sweatshirt. A movie that was poorly recorded on somebody’s auntie’s go-pro plays loudly from the TV soldered to the stand in the corner.

If any of this sounds familiar you’ve probably spent your fair share of Saturdays in hair salons.

South Orange’s Private Quarters is looking to set a new standard for the salon experience by prioritizing solitude, comfort and consideration.

I was given an opportunity to preview the space thanks to an invitation from fellow Jersey girl and host of the Dreams in Drive podcast Rana Campbell. I was blown away by what I found.

The salon boasts individual suites for each patron. The suites have overarching themes including “White Diamonds” “Zen” and “Platinum”.

My personal favorite was the “Tiffany” suite which features full tea service, a silver iridescent hair dryer, a crystal chandelier, and a portrait of the ultimate glamour girl miss Holly Golightly herself.

Not only do suites shield clients of the inconveniences that come with being serviced in a communal space they help those who suffer from dandruff, psoriasis, alopecia, and other conditions be serviced without worrying about being embarrassed or stared at.

The privacy afforded by Private Quarters also addresses religious concerns. Women who are required to keep their hair covered in the presence of members of the opposite sex can feel totally secure that their beliefs are respected in their very own area allowing them to fully embrace the experience without worrying about compromising their modesty.

I didn't receive a service but I did have a lovely conversation with one of the stylists about properly caring for color treated hair. With waves like these she was clearly an expert.

For patrons receiving a service lasting longer than an hour and a half they provide in-suite dining options from a number of local eateries including one of my favorite the amazing Papillon 25 which specializes in Cajun fusion and boasts a killer martini selection.

The seclusion offered by the salon comes at quite the cost but with the average price of a cut and color soaring at salons all over the state the value associated with chicken and child free styling experience is hard to argue with.

To learn more about Private Quarters salon check out their website here.

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