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7 Reasons To Care About This NJ Governor's Race

Since the start of collectively wondering whether or not we should put in 2016 in rice it seems we’ve all been obsessed with politics. From steadily cheering for Auntie Maxine to caping for big sis Angela Rye we’re paying more attention than ever to the shift from dignified delegates and diplomats to tangerine tinted twitter thugging. But while what happens on the federal level definitely has an effect on our everyday lives there are major changes happening right here at home. That’s right love him or hate him Chris "Beach Bum" Christie is on his way out. Here are 7 reasons why you should care about who replaces him.


From Parent Plus Loans to after school programs the governor’s administration has a say. Whether you’re a parent seeking community support or a college graduate trying to stay out of default you should see what the candidates have to say.

States of Emergency

Spend some quality time considering who you want behind that podium the next time Mother Nature gets to tripping.

Minimum Wage

With our state’s rapid real estate development making us all wonder what happens to people who can’t afford to live in luxury minimum wage is a major issue.


Two words yo. Pulaski Skyway.

Public Transportation

Anyone who has ever huddled for warmth underneath the heaters at Union train station due to yet another inexplicable “mechanical failure” should be paying close attention to what the candidates have to say about fixing New Jersey Transit.

Property Taxes

Two things are for certain - death and taxes. Trying to get your piece of the American dream? Find out how each party’s plan would affect your pockets.

Gun Control

Whatever your views are on this issue information is your greatest weapon.

For details on how to find your designated polling place visit here.

For more information on where each of the candidates stands on issues that affect your and your community check out this brief election guide compiled by NJ Advance Media for

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