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6 Chill Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is one of the biggest turn up occasions of the year. But some would rather keep it low key than crowded and sweaty. Whether you’re a proud introvert or just someone balling on a budget I’ve got a couple of suggestions for keeping it simple while getting into the spirit.

1. Book a Vampire Facial

Treat yourself by booking the spookiest skin treatment around. This celeb favorite performed often by Young Forever Aesthetics’ respected Dr. Sophia Lubin involves having two tea spoons of your own blood extracted and re-injected into your face using a micro needling technique. The blood evens out your complexion and restores youth to your skin providing a softness you thought was lost to you forever post-kindergarten.

Bonus to trying this trend? You can get to say you lived like a Kardashian without dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or paparazzi induced fender bender.

2. Host a Pajama Party

I hate that it’s socially unacceptable to have an old fashioned style sleepover unless you’re a Real Housewife. I mean seriously who wants to deal with the threat of DUIs or brave public transportation when you can just sit and pound some Pinot Grigio? Book a suite at the one hotel in your area you know won’t be party central- yes that means the W in Hoboken is out-, or go back to basics and just grab your girls and a bunch of throw pillows. Still itching to rock a costume? Have everyone wear a glam masquerade mask or their favorite animal onesie!

3. Donate Your Time

Some people don’t get a chance to trick or treat or throw back shots because they’re down or their luck or sick and shut in. Reach out to a local charitable organization in your community and find out if they can use some support.

4. Binge Stranger Things 2 with Bae

Order in and take a nice break from reading all of those subtitles in season three of Narcos.

5. Spend Some Quality Time in The Shade Room

The Shade Room is all of our guilty pleasure and while it is fun to get a first look at what ring Offset chose for Cardi they’ve been doing an excellent job inserting stories about us regular folks as well. Their Halloween coverage is bound to be hilarious, heartwarming, and best of all free.

6. Sip on a Zombie Latte from Starbucks

Okay I’ll be honest I just threw this one in cause I’m a caffeine addict but it should still make for a pretty cute moment on Snapchat. Looking for a healthy alternative? Check out this DIY recipe.

Honorable Mention: Hitting the Gym

You can stay on the grind while the girl who always hogs your favorite cardio machine is off with her kids.

Photo Credit: ABC News

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