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Adventures in Kekeland: Montclair's "The Find"

After enjoying a great brunch at The Spot my girl and I needed to work a little bit of cardio into our Sunday Funday routine. Luckily the restaurant was right across across the street from a seriously cute antique shop that welcomed our spontaneously window shopping plans.

The second I saw a silver vintage hair brush that reminded me of the one my nana let me use on my “My Size” Barbie as a kid, I knew that we were in the right place. Sidebar: if you didn’t have one your whole childhood was trash this is not up for debate.

I seriously could have spent hours roaming around “The Find”. Everywhere I turned there was evidence of the little bits of glamour that different eras have left behind.

From timeless jewelry to classic clothing it was like stepping into a well curated time machine.

With many millennials opting to choose less uniform jewelry choices it’s no wonder the owner revealed to that millennials are her “biggest customers.”

The shop has charming brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and everything you need to be reminded of a time when homecoming games didn’t involve holding bottles of Ciroc on snapchat and romance was more than a good morning text.

I love finding the beauty in everyday items and I totally fell in love with this crate full of classic records. They would be great framed.

Even the shop’s decor was adorable.

These dresses would be perfect for a vintage themed halloween costume.

Get your boyfriend in on the fun by getting him a vintage coat like this one.

I could totally see Kirsten Dunst wearing this light blue number in a period piece where she plays a bored rich housewife.

....Netflix holla at your girl!

We stunted in vintage sunglasses.

And I silently wished I had an apartment fancy enough to justify this purchase.

...And big enough to use this set for a Mad Men themed party.

I’m not ashamed to say that my inner hipster immediately started brainstorming copy for a whimsically worded GoFundMe plea to be able to afford this typewriter.

Ahhh. Remember how wildly productive we all were before wi-fi?

I’m a sucker for something shiny but sometimes objects that come with character just feel a little more special. Check out their special collection of jewelry on their Etsy page as you start your holiday shopping.

What You Should Know About The Find

Nearest Parkway Exit: 150

Parking: On Street (it's free on Sundays!)

Service: Incredibly Patient

Who to Bring: Moms, Besties, and Artsy Buds

Decor: Alice in an Suburban New Jersey Wonderland

Dress Code: Sunday Funday

Wait Time: Zero

Selection: Whimsical

Insiders Know:That you can snag the perfect “find” by closely watching their Instagram page

Price: Worth it!

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