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17 Reasons to Read "The Autobiography of Gucci Mane"

“They call me crazy so much I think I’m starting to believe ‘em/ I did some things to some people that are downright evil”

If there was any doubt that Gucci Mane’s aware that he was once his own worst enemy these lyrics from his hit record “First Day Out The Feds” point to the contrary. And now the concessions he immortalized in his bars are being joined by a book. The rapper and businessman collaborated with former XXL music editor Neil Martinez-Belkin on a memoir that tells the story of Mr. Davis’ life with the type of wisdom that only comes with time.

1. It Speaks On It All

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a messy good time you will love this book. It has all of the beefs, drama, and suspense that street rap is famous for. It even addresses that infamous twitter rant featuring a certain sexy spitter from Queens.

2. It Also Has All Of The Facts

The difficult to verify and overtly criminal aspects of the story are punctuated by enough press coverage and police reports to allow even the dimmest crayon in the Crayola box to connect the dots.

3. It Reminds Us The Real Reason Why Keyshia Ka'oir Is A Real One

The road to happily ever after may have been rocky one for the Wopsters but the video vixen turned beauty entrepreneur has been flossing off her rock and letting everyone know they've made it to the other side stronger than ever. While the bride to be has been publicly waxing poetic about their romance it’s respect that sets their union apart. Gucci explains how the chick who “stuck around” snatched his heart with her killer focus and formidable style. Now that's gangsta.

4. It’s Relatable

Gucci details how a few of his first priorities ( after chopping it up with his lawyer) upon finding out that he was wanted for murder were snacking on White Castle and spending quality time with some D.C. strippers. If you from the streets you highkey can’t argue with that kind of logic

5. It’s Not Just His Story

If you want to know how some of your southern favs including Migos & Young Thug came up under the greats whipping working at the Brick Factory it’s all in these pages.

6. It’s Not Accountability Free

Some biographies sugarcoat the subject’s shortcomings but as the lyrics above clearly state Gucci definitely knows that one of his biggest obstacles was himself.

7. It’s A Cautionary Tale

If the threat of mortality doesn’t stop you from doing drugs the disgusting details of Gucci’s detox (spoiler alert he dropped 25lbs in a little more than a week in the least fun way possible) certainly will.

8. It’s A Trip Down Memory Lane

This might be millennial bias talking but the early aughts had serious bangers! This book revisits the snap movement, the height of rockstar crossover style, and more. Embrace your inner old heald and blast some Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz and sip on some crunk juice while settling in with this book.

9. It Shares Some Major Keys

Gucci reveals the books he read and workout routines he adopted during his transformation from menace to master of his own destiny.

10. It Finally Explains That Ice Cream Tattoo

Anyone who has ever seen Scarface will totally understand his “Say hello to the bad guy” style justifications for this unconventional style choice.

11. It Breaks Down How You Can Be Famous and Broke

While Gucci’s mixtape grind led to notoriety consistent coin came a little later. The book explains how he ended up back in Zone 6 as a star.

12. It Keeps Things Cute When Necessary

Speculation about the demise of Waka and Gucci’s bromance has run wild but the “Wasted” rapper does his best not to recklessly defame his former running mate and his family providing proof of his newfound maturity.

13. It Shows Gucci Is About That Action

The age old question of who’s rapping it and who’s living it does not apply here. Gucci directly connects his experiences( and more than a few arrests) with the destinations he immortalized in his songs. Hip-hop heads will appreciate having their favorite references explained and finding out fun facts like the voices on the hook of his smash hit "Lemonade"belong to producer Bangladesh's eight year old nieces.

14. It Reveals That He Was Once A College Kid

Though he was already a seasoned drug dealer by the time he graduated high school (his elder brother who also introduced him to hip-hop put him in the game) Mr. Davis received a scholarship to Georgia Perimeter College. Like many other college kids though he wasn’t committed and actually ended up flipping his financial aid for cocaine. Stars they're just like us!

15. It Acknowledges The Importance of Mental Health

Gucci likens the hood to a legitimate “war zone” and details how enduring the kind of stress and fear associated with that environment can result in violent outbursts and paranoia.

16. It Explains the Origin of October 17th

Way before the emergence October’s Very Own the date was the rapper’s personal calling card. He’s actually so crazy about the date that he chose it for his upcoming wedding.

17. It's Full of Surprises

If you think you know Gucci think again this reintroduction to Guwop will give you a clear view of the street champion’s journey from Alabama child to Atlanta legend.

Watch as Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir begin their journey to swapping "I Dos" tonight on BET's “GUCCI MANE & KEYSHIA KA’OIR: THE MANE EVENT” at 10p/9c

Catch a sneak peek below!

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