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  • Keyaira Boone

Adventures in Kekeland: Montclair's The Spot

Now I’m nobody’s vegan and no matter how many Netflix documentaries y'all tweet about it’s very likely that I never will be. But I have been looking for healthier options to work into my #brunchlife . As a result I was thrilled to find out that my university had an agreement with Montclair’s “The Spot”. The locally sourced restaurant had been recommended to me by a friend long ago but I had completely forgot about it until I saw them on the lists of local restaurants that accepted my commuter meal plan option. I slid right on over there with my struggle dollars in tow and checked out what they had to offer with my friend Yasmin.

It was a lovely day so we had planned to sit outside but the way my short dress was set up a metal chair that had been sitting in the hot sun wasn’t the brightest of ideas. I was pleasantly surprised to find the modest exterior of this local establishment doesn’t do the interior justice!

Loads of natural light and a strategically placed wall of artificial leaves sort of makes it feel like you’re eating in the rustic arboretum of your great-aunt’s summer home in the pre-Kardashian Hamptons.

Also, any place that offers up complimentary infused water is somewhere I need to be.

I have plenty of friends including personal trainer Health is Kei and Chef Alexia Grant who eat plant based diets so it’s great to add another restaurant to the list of places where they can be accommodated.

I ordered the lobster mac’ and cheese while Yasmin went for the french toast.

I got a side of grilled vegetables to go with my entree and they were every bit as tasty as the antibiotic, hormone, and GMO free lobster and the cheese fries I pretended I didn’t want to order and yet still nibbled on throughout the meal.

Listen I bought a Fitbit but God ain’t through with me yet!

The thing about fresh food is it just tastes different. The oils, the spices, the textures. It’s just better and that’s what I found at The Spot a better BYOB brunch.

What You Should Know About The Spot

Nearest Parkway Exit: 150

Parking: On Street (it's free on Sundays!)

Service: Impeccable

Who to Bring: Friends, Nieces and Nephews, Classmates

Decor: Americana Themed Rustic Coziness

Dress Code: Sweatpants. Hair tied. Chillin’ with no makeup on.

Wait Time: Minimal

Food: Down Home With a Healthy Twist

Insiders Know: That It Doesn’t Matter Which Mac N’ Cheese You Get They’re All Bomb!

Price: Worth it!

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