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  • Keyaira Boone

Adventures in Kekeland: Becoming a Summer Blonde with "Allure" & Nexxus

The C Letter is decidedly NOT a beauty blog, mostly because my beauty choices are pretty standard. But every now and then I do decide to switch it up and this summer with the help of “Allure” I did that in a major way. For the first time ever I bleached my curls to be featured in a summer transition shoot for their website.

I had been envisioning a lighter brown. An ombre even. Something that was subtle and safe. But when the colorist asked if I would comfortable doing something a little more drastic to support his vision I did something uncharacteristic I said “yes”. Six years after deciding to protect my hair at all costs I gave up all control and decided to defer to the experts.

Instead I spent the day enjoying my time at Tribeca’s Nexxus salon. The bathroom at this salon was nicer than my entire apartment so it’s fair to say I had fun snapping the futuristic scenery and enjoying free refreshments.

In addition to beautiful decor I was also surrounded by beautiful people like Allure’s digital beauty editor Jihan Forbes who was on set in her trademark Malia shirt (how proud are we of our Harvard bound little sis?) Colorist Patrick Kyle and his bevy of assistants were genetically blessed as well.

A few hours of protective treatments applied underneath incredibly modern hair dryers later I did something else uncharacteristic. I was quiet, like really quiet. The constant stream of jokes and small talk I had been spouting at the patient staff ceased as I stared at myself in silence (or as close to silence as being a neurotic only child who's always rambling allows) and decided I loved it. I had expected not to love it. I had been conditioned not to love it.

I’m the girl who was afraid of tinted lipgloss because it might not “look right” on her. The girl who stuck to purple eye shadow because magazines said that it was best for her skin tone. And I was sitting there with chocolatey skin and bright blonde hair.

But somehow with each ringlet that the stylist dropped from her two pronged curling iron my smile grew wider.

I was genuinely excited.

That smile was reflected at me by my friend Lynn when she met a freshly blonde me at Brandy Library for a belated birthday drink.

As she gushed over my hair I explained to her that I was glad I was stepping out of the box and that I had been adverse to taking risks for so long that I forgot how fun it can be to be surprised. Sure I’m not a trend chaser. It’s always been important that no matter what I do I continue to feel like me. But a few whiskey flights and a gab session later that's exactly what me and my curls felt like...only maybe a little bit brighter.

Editor's Note: Thank you to everyone at Nexxus Salon and Allure Magazine for your patience and generosity!

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