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7 Reasons You Should Binge 'The Bold Type'

Representation matters. As we’ve seen so clearly recently the dehumanization of people results in dangerous ideas and their disgusting manifestations. Thankfully the golden age of television has brought thoughtful reimaginations of the world around us that at least make a solid effort to include stories and situations that have long been overlooked.

Enter Freeform’s “The Bold Type". Set in the fictional world of Scarlett magazine the series is based on the experiences of Cosmopolitan’s Joanna Coles and it is my new favorite show on television because it manages to approach current events and common scenarios in a fun and sexy way.

Here are seven reasons I think you should binge the one-hour drama.

1.The Way it Approaches Style

From the second Sarah Jessica Parker slipped on her crystal covered Manolos in the first movie (I refuse to acknowledge the second for obvious reasons) television has been awaiting a new style icon.

“The Bold Type’s” Jane might just get awarded the crown as the costume designer nails her wardrobe every time. I love how comfortable she is taking risks and that every outfit she dons looks effortless.

2. The Way it Approaches Finances

If I read one more article about how spoiled millennials are I'm going to scream. Sure I know a few twenty-somethings whose unrealistic expectations make me want to gag but the majority of my peers are hard workers who are underemployed, and underpaid. Despite the networking events we attend, and the personal development books we read, double digit cocktails on a daily basis are out of our budgets and flying first-class is far from our reach.

Showing the reality of roommates, rent, and unrenovated real estate makes “The Bold Type” stand out. Also the social media director making the most money, having the most job security, and not even needing it because her parents are well off is so New York media.

3.The Way it Approaches Dating

Dating is weird. Dating as a workaholic is weirder. Jane’s discomfort with the expectations of swipe culture are no surprise. Neither are the show's two office romances. With jobs in such short supply writers have become editors, producers, broadcasters, and more. As a result spending what used to be your time to socialize at work is a common occurrence and adults gonna adult human resources be damned.

Also I love that the show highlights a relationship with a significant age difference where the elder party isn't creepy or condescending.

4.The Way it Approaches Diversity

When Sutton decided to forfeit her spot on Lauren’s desk a black woman snatched it up with the quickness. But this beauty wasn’t the only person of color around. The show has made a point of integrating different kinds of people into not only the main cast but the background of the show (I swear some casting directors act like they’ve never seen a black extra).

It’s awesome that young girls and boys with a love of fashion will see themselves in it’s characters. I don’t love that there’s not a lot of diversity in body size but overall it’s a success in the intersectional department.

5. The Way It Approaches Mean Girls

People taking credit for other's work all the time but on “The Bold Type” confrontations aren’t solved with shouting matches and the spreading of rumors. Instead, like in real life, there’s someone always watching who's willing to spill that tea.

6.The Way it Approaches Friendship

The fashion industry gets a bad rap for cattiness but real friendships can be fostered amongst the empowerment brunches and the favors for a favors. Still no matter how real a friendship is friends fight. The fact that the three main characters start off disagreeing instead of waiting for a season finale style blow-up is so real.

7. The Way it Approaches Perks

While the salaries of working at a magazine like the fictional “Scarlett” are low, the perks are high. In fact employees receive so many free meals, clothes, beauty products, books, concert tickets, and even sex toys that they’re considered informal compensation for the loads of unpaid overtime they put in throughout the year. Lots of bloggers have received heat for being transparent about being gifted with items needed to do their jobs so it’s nice that to see a show that highlights that the practice isn’t anything new and that one can have integrity and not starve to death at the same time *sips sponsored tea I worked my a** off for*.

Check out a clip from "The Bold Type" below and check out a magazine staffer's take on what it gets right here!

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