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  • Keyaira Boone

Adventures in Kekeland: The Hills Tavern

Millburn’s Martini Bistro was the site of many a birthday dinner and post-finals nightcap here in Kekeland so when I found out it was closing I was not thrilled. But because I’m professional (who hadn’t made reservations at the place with valet parking and really good pasta where I actually wanted to go) I decided not to hold that against its replacement when I was deciding where to have brunch last weekend.

I checked out the Hills Tavern with an open mind and an empty stomach.

The first thing my brunch buddy Toyah and I noticed about it was that it was empty.

Like La Marina on the night of Summer Jam empty.

I have to admit I was a little concerned by this. A lifetime of eating out has taught me that that’s usually not a good sign. But after the first bite into my grilled chicken sandwich the sweet roasted red pepper and savory fresh mozzarella abated all of my fears.

The food was almost as impressive as the decor.

The modern lighting fixtures and cozy booths are inviting but what really stood out was the art on the walls. Quotes from American authors and accompanying images worked perfectly in the space. There were no quotes from Audre Lorde but it's cool. I won't hold a grudge.

Maybe it's the millennial in me but I’m a sucker for a place that’s laid out prettily. And if that layout includes quotes from some of my favorite writers you can bet I'll be back.

Often this level of beauty and attention to detail in a restaurant's environment comes at the expense of either food or service but I’m happy to report that we didn’t have to choose.

What You Should Know About The Hills Tavern Nearest Parkway Exit: 140 Parking: On Street/Millburn’s Municipal Lot (it's free on Sundays!) Service: Above and Beyond Who to Bring: Mom, Sorority Sisters, Bridal Parties Decor: Instastories Worthy Dress Code: Sunday Funday. Boyfriend jeans and graphic tees accepted,

Sun dresses and blouses encouraged. Wait Time: Zero Food: Upgraded tavern classics Price: Unlimited mimosas for $15 make this an accessible treat.

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