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8 Things Tasha Should have Done Instead of Invite Lawrence to Her Family's Cookout

It’s time to pour out a little liquor. Lawrence has officially crossed on over to the dark side. And while I maintain that F-bois aren’t born they’re created I just can not defend homeboy and his John Legend like actions. Everybody ain’t about this player life and there’s nothing more irritating than a grown ass man who is too soft to have a conversation. For not speaking up about his discomfort prior to taking shots with his delightfully messy co-workers he needs to take a serious L.

But as much as it pains me to say this he doesn’t deserve to be sitting in the losers section alone. As soon as I saw Tasha sitting up in bed with a scarf on I knew she was tripping! Shorty hit a relationship fast-forward button with the quickness! When she confronted her friend with very few benefits I felt that read in my spirit but I can’t for the life of me understand how she didn’t see his actions coming!

I mean I don’t know how they do it on the west coast but around these parts kissing in front of family happens after a clear-cut conversation about commitment. And calling someone “babe” in front of your male cousins? That happens like a smooth six months after he puts a ring on it.

In a generation where everyone’s fall back game is too strong Tasha was too eager was fall in line and like I predicted she suffered the consequences.

Here are 8 things I think Tasha should have done instead of inviting her non-man to a family function.

1. Apply lace front glue directly to her forehead

2. Try somebody she doesn’t know all that well’s potato salad

3. Purchase the wrong shade of MAC foundation

4. Loan her last $100 to her cousin in the spray painted tee-shirt

5. Pluck out all of her eyebrows and draw them back in with a wet n' wild pencil

6. Trust Sean Spicer

7.Purchase a Kylie Jenner lip kit

8. Risk an awkward mailbox encounter by smashing her downstairs neighbor

Here's hoping Issa and Lawrence get a better handle on this ho life before someone else gets hurt.

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