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Jersey Girl M Rose Stands Out on VH1's "Signed"

These days becoming a musical superstar seems more accessible than ever before. As the Chance the Rappers and the Cardi Bs of social media continue to use every tool at their disposal to get to the top of the charts everyone with a soundcloud account and a witty hashtag is throwing their hat into the ring. But no matter how far you can push your movement on your own there's still a certain cachet to being “signed.”

VH1 is cashing in on the prestige of the recording contract with the latest addition to its ever-growing repertoire of reality shows.

The competition series “Signed” will follow several music industry hopefuls throughout the development process as led by rap mogul Rick Ross, Roc Nation’s SVP of A&R / Artist Management Lenny S, and the radio killing, Grammy Award winning, singer/songwriter The-Dream. One of these young talents is M Rose, an Elizabeth native known for her impressive vocal abilities and frank candor.

She celebrated being selected for the show with a viewing party held at this week’s Vibes in the City.

The weekly showcase hosted by entrepreneur and philanthropist Broadway Blake at Newark’s La Rouge Lounge has welcomed independent artists for over a year providing a platform as well as a party to the city’s arts community.

People filed in one after the other to celebrate with Rose and her crew.

After arriving to applause and cheers the artist leaned slightly over La Rouge’s two story balcony to thank #TeamMRose for being in attendance while her mother, family and close friends cheered her on.

The DJ kept everyone grooving during commercial break and the woman of the hour took some time to dance with her friends.

Immediately following the show’s premiere she went downstairs to give a performance in the standing room only crowd. She spoke earnestly about the origins of her opening song “Friend Zone” stating plainly that an objection of her affections “played me out so I wrote a song about him.”

She took time to shout out her current boyfriend who clearly opted to make a different choice.

Following Friend Zone was an up-tempo record with an empowering message. She ended the show with a call and response moment causing the audience to assert that they were “gon’ be iight” without anyone’s validation or attention. Much of Rose’s music seems to have an infused silver lining. She’s open about working through her struggles on social media exclaiming her gratitude after a bout with illness on snapchat.

While the red hair and sparkly eye shadow sported by the twenty-something suited her well Rose represents part of a new breed of R&B singer who is more about the music and less about their appearance.

Like H.E.R, Lizzo and SZA she stands behind her creation and not celebrity dating rumors or sequined miniskirts. Unlike their male rap counterparts these women are more focused on the lyrics with melody serving as an accessory to remarkable vocal agility and powerful pen games.

Watch how far M Rose’s got her on Wednesdays at 9pm on VH1.

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