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7 Reasons You Need The Vibes In The City Playlist

Newark’s first multi-genre artist showcase is taking it’s vibes from the city to your soundcloud. Here are seven reasons why curator Broadway Blake’s choices are the perfect companion for your summer.

1.Because You Need Original Instagram Captions

Your friends who stuck it out with Tidal have already nabbed all the good Hov lyrics for the ‘gram. Clearly you’re gonna need new material if you’re gonna raise the bar on Snapchat because it’s half past 4:44.

2. Because SZA & Chill ‘Gon Get You In Trouble

Don’t mess around and end up trying to get your weekend on at the wrong time. Just cut CTRL off and keep it cute before the Monday chick starts throwing bows.

3. Because You Need To Reclaim Your Throne As Aux Cord DJ

So you caught a cold last summer and ended up the last person on earth to hear Chance’s mixtape, does that mean all those years of kickbacks and road trips meant nothing? Get back on top by discovering the next big thing before your squad does.

4. Because Your Gym Playlist is Getting Old

“Dreams and Nightmares” will forever be a jam but we both know after the Nicki debacle you need something new to keep you from skipping that spinning class.

5. Because You Need a Distraction From the Comments Under That Picture of You Holding Money to Your Ear

Yea we know the money was calling but so are these jokes. Take T.I.’s advice to Rob Kardashian, close the app and take the L.

6. Because You Need To Upgrade Your Party Playlist

There’s only two months left of summer, do you really want to waste it with “Mask Off” on repeat?

7. Because You Need To Support Local Talent

…..If only so your cousin can stop cornering you at cookouts for not “rocking with the movement”.

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