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Podcast Picks: Jersey Girl Rana Campbell Keeps Dreams in Drive

If you get your news exclusively from Instagram bios then you know that these days everyone is a boss. But behind each business and brand is a story. And many of these stories have been imparted to faithful podcast listeners by Rana Campbell.

A young Princeton graduate from Orange, New Jersey Campbell created the Dreams in Drive podcast to provide a detailed roadmap to what millennials were really up against when they opted to reject their circumstances and follow their dreams.

The podcast advocates a philosophy of “No Parking” encouraging listeners to apply the tips and tools provided by guests towards their personal and professional goals.

Its website even supplies downloadable worksheets to coax creatives over the organizational obstacles that have halted many a great idea before it’s inception.

Each episode delves into the personality of the subject drawing clear connections between what in childhood might appear to be random idiosyncrasies and in adulthood become invaluable character traits. If a guest kept a diary, sold a ton of scholastic books, applied for an internship they thought you weren't going to get, or argued with their parents about not wanting to go to medical school they’re going to be discussing how it contributes to their current career on Dreams in Drive.

Guests range from gossip blogger turned media maven Nicole Kane to felon turned fitness mogul in the making Coss Marte.

Aspiring politicians, retailers, stylists, momprenuers, and digital community builders are all represented.

Those still holding down a spot in the corporate world are welcome as well. While some on social media accuse salaries of being bribes to abandon one’s dreams many young adults are paying their rent from 9-5 and fulfilling their passions from 5-9.

She’s also encouraged college graduates who are struggling to find full-time work to tell their stories seeing that there’s value in learning about the people behind the often repeated statistics.

Campbell goes past the prerequisite when, and where of entrepreneurship instead choosing to engage with the little discussed details that separate those who execute and those who simply post quotes about doing so. For example when interviewing Bauce magazine founder Liane Membis, she didn’t just inquire about the pros and cons of accepting investment dollars. Instead she went into the courting process asking clear questions about the differences a cash infusion makes in the building of a digital media platform. She then went on to ask for concrete steps her listeners could take to attract investors to their digital communities.

Nearly ninety episodes in the podcast keeps to the structure established in the very beginning. It’s vehicular themed segments and introduction appear in every episode. But it’s refreshing that Campbell isn’t so committed to that structure that she intrudes upon intimate and inspirational conversations that stumble their way into a platform formed to acknowledge the need for a clear understanding of analytics and the importance of liability insurance. When then host of the Dique! podcast Sarah Vega shared her struggles with depression, and attempts at suicide after failing to connect with the personal sacrifices of a struggling artist she steered the conversation with grace and care spending over an hour allowing Vega to tell her compelling story. Instead of concealing surprise from her “Dream Drivers” she was vulnerable about her shock and concern adding a level of intimacy to the conversation that other business podcasts can lack in their excessive polish.

Dreams and Drive is a platform committed to full transparency and practical advice that's useful to anyone looking to drive down their own path. Check out the latest episode below!

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