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  • Keyaira Boone

#AdventuresinKekeland: Maplewood Village

While I grew up less than fifteen minutes away I had never even heard of Maplewood Village until I was good and grown. But the moment I entered the secluded community which features charming eateries, and quality small businesses I knew I would become a frequent visitor. I recently called up my girl Tati and took a stroll through the small neighborhood’s streets on a sunny Sunday.

We kicked the day our quality time with a yummy brunch at Coda!

Afterwards we headed to shop at No. 165.

After years of absentmindedly walking past it I finally peeked my head into this boutique on my last trip to snag some chicken finger pizza from Village Trattoria.

Dubbed by as “Maplewood’s answer to Anthropologie” No. 165 is full of fun finds for everything from your closet to your kitchen.

They've clearly got a great sense of humor.

Sidebar: How can you not love a store that sells parkway themed mints?

I snagged a shirt from Home State Apparel.

And Tati checked out some cute options for Coachella crop tops.

We ended our day at Words Bookstore where I scoured the aisles for Vogue’s coloring book and added a few selections to my Goodreads list.

Words is not only well stocked it’s family friendly. They often hold signings and events for the public.

While I’ve been known to blow a side hustle check or two at Barnes and Nobles I think it’s important that we support small bookstore like this and I’m always happy to purchase something there even if it’s only a simple card.

Check out Maplewood Village on your next #SundayFunday !


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