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  • Keyaira Boone

Roselle Yoga Studio Celebrates the Only Christopher We Acknowledge

Fresh off of the success of a fully sold out Drake themed yoga class Ohmies Coffee & Yoga Studio will be holding a class dedicated to the music and spirit of Christopher Wallace, who was known to the world as the Notorious B.I.G., on the evening of Wednesday March 22nd. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the unfortunate death of the monumental rapper whose work laid the foundation for countless other hip-hop artists. Slain at just twenty-four years old Biggie’s legacy has had a permanent effect on people from all walks of life. Those who grew up in the comfort of Cranford homes are as attached to his timeless lyrics as those who grew up in the worst buildings in Irvington because no matter what tax bracket your parents are in summertime isn’t summertime without somebody bumping “Juicy” at full bass on Springfield Ave.

The studio, which held its grand opening on February 18th, has been a welcome addition to the area. Ohmies seeks to make yoga accessible to all. They not offering the traditional trapeze and prenatal classes but they also collaborate with the neighboring Villa Tequila on Brunches and a variety of other events that combine mental and physical health with friendship and fun.

They offer classes of all levels and instructors are willing to make modifications for anyone who lacks the experience or physical ability to hang upside down in the seemingly impossible poses they’ve seen on tv (also known as me).

Looking for a fun way to start your yoga practice? Grab a friend and head on over to Biggie yoga!

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