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Help Link NJ & Care More Spread Love to Seniors This Valentine's Day

In addition to just being an excuse to eat a ton of chocolate and get your hair blown out this year Valentine's Day is an opportunity to give back. On Saturday February 11th Link New Jersey and Care More are teaming up to be of service to seniors who might not have someone to care for them on this special day by hosting the CareGram Project at Elizabeth, New Jersey's First Republic Lounge.

The event will consistent of making each senior their own "CareGram" using cards, teddy bears and sweet treats. Immediately following the assembly of the "CareGrams" they will be distributed at the The Pavilion Senior Citizen Center in East Orange, New Jersey.

Co-founded by Mercedes C. Smith and Jospeh V. Moore in 2014 CareMore has already developed a rich tradition of consistent community service. The organization has spearheaded homeless outreach projects in New York and New Jersey. They've previously collaborated with socially inclined brands like AfroPunk. Their mission is to "to restore humanity by creating opportunities to empower and help the less fortunate whenever, wherever and however."

Created by the founder of the Brunch N' Grind series Shanea Phillips, Link New Jersey intends to be a support network for young professional in the state. Many millennial New Jerseyans believe the only way to engaging in meaningful networking is to travel to places like Harlem, Brooklyn, and Washington D.C. but Link New Jersey is one of many organizations seeking to change that perception.

Looking for a fun way to spend your Saturday morning? Lend some time to making a senior smile with your fellow young professionals! Who knows you might even meet your very own valentine!

You can register for the CareGram community Service Project here.

Photo Credit: Care More

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