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4 Reasons I'm Obsessed With #AskDemetria

In addition to carving out an impression career in journalism, starring in a Bravo reality show, blessing the world with two books, and appearing in a Pantene Pro-V campaign Demetria Lucas D'oyley has spent years doling out great advice. The lifecoach and former Essence Relationships Editor has recently expanded her “Ask Demetria” advice column to include a YouTube channel and IT. IS. EVERYTHING. Read below to check out why it’s my newest NSFW obsession.

1. Because I’m Here for You and Your Messy Homegirls

Listen ya’ll got some STORIES! #AskDemetria is better than the Young and the Restless, General Hospital, and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta combined! If I ever have the misfortune of losing my phone someone is sure to be tickled by all the screenshots I’ve snapped of ya’ll talking about your boyfriends, cousins, and coworkers.

2. Because Sometimes You Need Negative Reinforcement

Staying true to your morals is a lot easier on a Tuesday morning than it is on a Saturday night. Sometimes when Demetria is reading the rights of one of her devoted followers I hang my head in shame because I know she's talking about me too. Want to know if somebody is right for you? Spend five minutes reading #AskDemetria and ask yourself if you still want to want to text that man back. See if she don't have you like.....

3. The Fro That Won’t Quit

I was thought Demetria was cute back when she rocking the flirty short cut that was giving me Kandi Burruss season two vibes but I am Living for her fro! Not only does it frame her lovely face, it's apart of the frequent style switch-ups that represent the freedom of Lucas D'oyley not being tied to unspoken corporate grooming standards. What isn’t beautiful about that?

4. The Myth Busters

If you’re not careful Instagram memes and the basement dwelling hoteps that swear by them will have you thinking up is down and wrong is right. Demetria delivers straight talk about the fact that “struggle is overrated” and clarifies why we need to stop romanticizing stupid.

Need someone to show you the light? Check out this clip below and be sure to suscribe to #AskDemetria!

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