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  • Keyaira Boone

C Letter Scene: Ohmies Coffee Bar & Yoga Studio’s Soft Opening

When I heard a coffee shop and yoga studio was being opened in my neighborhood I was intrigued. When I heard it was owned by the family behind one of my favorite watering holes I was excited. When I found out the first yoga instructor I’ve had that I actually liked was on staff I was there.

This Saturday I checked out Ohmies Coffee Bar & Yoga Studio’s soft opening in Roselle seeking self-care. What I found was familiar faces, fruity concoctions, and fun décor.

I was greeted by a pleasant young lady who instructed me to sign a waiver and inquired if I needed to rent a mat. She then rang me up for my Fiji water and patiently answered my questions regarding their menu promising she’d be there to make me an apple berry aromatica once my class was done.

After making my way down the stairs for an hour of judgment-free yoga I sat with my classmates and instructor who were kind enough not to seem visibly annoyed with my constant snapping of pictures (#bloggerproblems). Through the lens of my Nikon and a free half hour I was given a chance to really appreciate the space.

Punctuated by bold graphics commissioned by graffiti artist Dister NYC Ohmies is an inviting and intimate location perfect for marathon study sessions and spontaneous coffee dates. They provide yoga blocks, Wi-Fi, and plenty of good vibes I look forward to spending much more time there in the future.

Ohmies soft opening hours are posted on their Facebook page. Make sure to be on the lookout for details on upcoming grand opening!

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