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  • Keyaira Boone

#AdventuresinKekeland: Nomahegan park

My biggest regret about my time as a student at Union County College (outside of the crippling student loan debt) is that I didn't spend much time in Nomahegan Park. Located right across the street from the college's Cranford campus this large county park is stunning in any season. I'm usually not one for the cold but after writing all day on Saturday I needed some Sunday morning sunshine. So I slipped into my new Livi Active leggings and hit the road!

The lake was partially frozen but still totally beautiful. I made up for skipping yoga by taking a brisk walk and finding a way to test my balance on the bridge.

When the wind picked up later I kept warm in the BrownGirlsLove sweatshirt I snagged at Power Day.

And I even made a few new furry friends!

If you live in or near Union County I would absolutely suggest visiting Nomahegan Park! They have awesome festivals and fireworks displays in the summer and if you have little ones there's a playground near the parking lot (not pictured).

I would like to give a special shoutout to Lane Bryant for these Livi Active leggings. I have purchased them in three other colors but I am in love with this pink!

Want to see some of my other favorite places? Check out the hashtag #adventuresinkekeland on Instagram!

Photo Credit: K. Grant

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