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5 Picks Under $50 From Victoria Beckham x Target

Every since I spent a sick day in 4th grade watching her Gucci clad foot slam down on a gas pedal I’ve had a thing for Victoria Beckham. While I may have forgotten most of the dialogue from “Spice World” my appreciation for her style has stuck with me.This meant little until recently because I’m not a size 4 who can afford to spend $1200 on a shift dress but now that she’s designed a collection for Target her style is being translated for larger bodies and smaller budgets,

Check out five of the items adult me is most excited about below!

1. The Pink Drop Waist Dress $40

Pink. Drop Waist. Dress. In. A. Size. 3X. I could say more, but really I shouldn’t have to.

2. The Floral Skirt $30

I could definitely see spending the first al fresco brunch of the season in this floral satin skirt.

3. The Calla Lily Scarf $20

I adore calla lilies but I’m not sure how I feel about wearing one across my chest. This scarf is a more subtle way to work the shape into my closet.

4. The Gingham Trousers $30

Gingham will be everywhere this spring. A darker shade is a nice spin on this seasonal classic.

5. The Bee Print Button Down $30

With the twins coming it’s important that I show up to the baby shower planning Bey Hive chapter meeting in style.

Victoria Beckham x Target is available on April 9th! Visit your local Target store or shop the collection here!

Photo Credit: Target

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