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  • Keyaira Boone

New Jersey Teen Accepted to Every Ivy League College!

While most high school seniors around the country are stressing about whether to take the SATS or ACTS and planning for spring break Morris Hills High School’s Ifeoma White-Thorpe is choosing which Ivy covered campus she wants to grace with her presence. The teen was not only accepted into her dream school Brown University, but also Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and New Jersey’s own Princeton University.

White-Thorpe is no stranger to excellence. When she was fifteen years old she won a national essay contest. The contest, presented by the National Liberty Museum in partnership with the John Templeton Foundation and Paramount Pictures required students to write a 500-700 word essay in honor of the 50th anniversary of the historic Selma civil rights march and the film that depicted it. Students were also required to record themselves reading the essay on video.

When she’s not crushing her AP courses she is participating in a variety of extracurricular activities including Jack & Jill, sports, and the Student Global Ambassador Project.

With teenagers (and adults who will do just about anything if they can put booking information in their bio afterwards) receiving tons of attention for less than becoming behavior many have wondered about the messages the media is sending. White-Thorpe is proof that when you’re committed to excellence the shine will come. The teen has been covered by news outlets all over the country including CNN, ABC, VIBE, USA TODAY, The Washington Post and the New York Daily News.

In the event that White-Thorpe chooses not to “go ivy” she still has options. CNN reported that she was also accepted into California’s Stanford University. Guess we’ll have to cash this queen on the quad. How bout dat?

Can't get enough of White-Thorpe's #BlackGirlMagic watch her speaking about her commitment to shattering stereotypes at last year's Morristown Interfaith breakfast below.

Photo Credit:, National Liberty Museum

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