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C Letter Scene: Newark to Celebrate One Year of "Vibes In the City"

For the past fifty-two consecutive Wednesdays Broadway Blake has worked tirelessly to turn the spotlight on New Jersey's music scene with his showcase Vibes in The City. Held at Broad Street's La Rouge Lounge the event series has brought artists from all over the state and surrounding areas together to highlight their talents.

It can be hard for emerging artists to cut through the noise of social media and live performances are a great way for them to build organic fan bases while honing their skills. We all know acts don't start out selling out the prudential center and they get there they need a home that's "free from ego" and full of love.

Local platforms are also a great way to see the next Kendrick Lamar or Kehlani before they hit it big. Blake and his team were adamant about Vibes in the City not just being "another open mic".They worked diligently to court artists from a variety of genres and backgrounds to emphasize diversity and create a space that was totally inclusive. This Wednesday they are celebrating that space on its one-year anniversary.

Grab an artist friend and join the Vibes in the City family for drink specials and dazzling talent as they kick of the next year of positivity infused performances this Wednesday January 4th!

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