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  • Keyaira Boone

5 Bottles of Bubbly Under $50 to Pop on New Year’s Eve

We all know I love a good Tuesday night turn-up (#adventuresinkekeland is living proof), but when it comes to saying goodbye to 2016 I'm choosing kickbacks over the club. Doing the same? Do yourself a favor and don't show up empty handed! I've rounded up five affordable bottles of bubbly for you to kick off 2017 with.

1) Bellaire Rose $24.98

After trying it at the launch of Lucid Bliss I finally picked up one of those “black bottles” Rick Ross is always rapping about and I’ve gotta say –I didn’t hate it. At just under $30 this bottle is cost friendly and on trend.

2) Perrier Jouet $38.99

I’m a huge fan of “PJ and Pizza”. This flavorful mid-range champagne makes everything taste better even those five-dollar pig in the blankets you copped last minute from Trader Joes.

3) Taittinger Brut Rose $29.99

So last New Year’s Day I took a girls’ trip to D.C. and stayed an extra night with my girls Shari and Giona. We skipped the club and had a slumber party in my suite complete with a bottle of this Brut Rose! It was the perfect way to start off 2016. Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for what the year decided to do next.

4) Mionetto Prosecco $12.99

Prosecco is a great way to ball on a budget. Mionetto is one of my favorites. It’s just the right amount of dry and is a great replacement for champagne in speciality cocktails.

5) Trader Joes $8.99

Trader Joes Louise d’ Estrée Brut is amazing! I have made many a pineapple mimosa with this great pick. At only $8.99 a bottle you can head over to the Westfield location and grab a few bottles making you the party’s real MVP.

Honorable Mention: Bantenura Mosacto $17.99

This one needs no explanation. Trust me your favorite ratchet cousin will thank you.

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