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  • Keyaira Boone

Podcast Picks: Great Girlfriends is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

When Brandice Daniel & Sybil Amuti started "The Great Girlfriends" podcast I just knew it was going to be perfect for me. I first met Brandice at an intimate panel discussion called "Potential of Us" and I knew I was in desperate need of the type of wisdom only her experience can foster. I tuned in to the first episode eagerly only to have a particularly scary thought -this might not be for me after all.

A few minutes in as the two women stated plainly that the podcast wasn't about pop culture, media, or current events I wondered how I could ever listen to an hour of something that wouldn't fuel me with the messiness fix I get from "The Read” or the feels I get from “Gilmore Guys”. I liked shows like "Hard Core History" and “Modern Love” but this show was more personal in nature. You had to relate. I had NO idea what I would have in common with two married women, who were raising children and were far more financially successful than I was. Our concerns were different, our priorities were different, our goals were different. Weren't they?

It turns out they weren't. Brandice and Sybil simply wanted the same things for themselves and their families as I did for myself –health and happiness. And as I got to know them, and their husbands and children via proxy, I felt like I had been blessed with two wonderful big sisters who while unapologetically honest about my shortcomings still wanted me to win!

It wasn't before long that I was refreshing my iTunes feed like a fiend waiting on new episodes to not only distract me as I sat behind my desk at the day job I hated but also reassure me that I wouldn't be there forever.

Then they brought on a host of other well-meaning digital mentors including Dorinda Walker, Tiffany the Budgetnista, Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, to help me avoid emotional pitfalls, manage my finances, change my perspective, and consider the value in vulnerability. They even tackled the discomfort of cuffing season, and dealing with dream killers.

I still may not have the funds to travel overseas, and I may not have a husband to thank at the end of every episode but what I do have is two great girlfriends who will support, encourage, and teach me until I do.

Give the Great Girlfriends a listen!

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